In Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Proposed Prohibition Rejected – Victory Against Terrorists – Real Trends Against Pesticide Bans – 2016 11 22






Anne Arundel County,


Maryland, U.S.A.

Proposed Self-Imposed


Prohibition On County-Owned


Playgrounds Rejected By Council





November 22nd, 2016


Capital Gazette


Anne Arundel County, State Of Maryland


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Anne Arundel County is a county located in the U.S. State of Maryland, with a population of almost 540,000.


The county seat is in Annapolis, which is also the capital of Maryland.


Fort George G. Meade is a large U.S. Army post located in the northwest of the county, and it is the home of the National Security Agency ( NSA ), as well as the United States Naval Academy.


Anne Calvert, Baroness Baltimore was an English noblewoman, daughter of Thomas Arundell, 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour by second wife Anne Philipson, and wife of Lord Baltimore, who founded the Province of Maryland colony in 1632.  Anne Arundel County in Maryland was named for her.



















On November 21st, 2016, the Anne Arundel County Council narrowly REJECTED legislation that would have PROHIBITED against the use of pest control products on county-owned playgrounds.


Council members voted 4-3 against Bill 76-16, legislation which sought to SELF-IMPOSE PROHIBITION against the county’s Recreation and Parks Department.


For the control invasive weed pests and destructive insect pests, the PROPOSED PROHIBITION would have only allowed ineffective [ non-chemical ?!?! ] Green Alternative Pesticides    conventional & effective pest control products would have been PROHIBITED.



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There are NO alternatives that work.  Prohibition is somehow validated by pesticide-hating fanatics who merely concoct MYTHS against conventional products.  ( See link below. )  When it comes to controlling pests, the use of safe and effective conventional pest control products should be a no-brainer.  Anti-pesticide prohibition leads to the catastrophic problems of weed invasion and insect infestation.  It is impossible for professionals, and even home-owners, to protect their properties by using so-called green alternative pesticides.  There are NO viable, NO efficacious, NO economical, and NO low-risk alternatives to replace conventional pest control products.  Green alternative pesticides are BOGUS AND DISMAL FAILURES    they DO NOT work and they are NOT innovative products.  ( See link below. )  By definition, ALTERNATIVES ARE INFERIOR, which is why they did NOT win the market-place originally.  ( See link below. )  Overall, green alternative pesticides are ineffective, inadequate, inferior, high-risk, more toxic, and stunningly expensive !  In many cases, green alternative pesticides are questionably higher in toxicity, and pose higher environmental risks.  Green alternative pesticides and even organic fertilizers often contain living pathogenic organisms, fermented materials, or metals that may be deemed unsafe for children, adults, and the environment.  Conventional pest control products are absolutely necessary.  Fortunately, conventional pest control products are safe, effective, economical, and low-risk.


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Pesticide-Hating Councilman Chris Trumbauer, D-Annapolis, proposed the FANATICAL-PROHIBITION after complaints, coercion, and intimidation from ILL-INFORMED ACTIVIST-PARENTS who were MOCK-CONCERNED ABOUT CHILDREN and pest control applications at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis.


Trumbauer said he was [ MOCK ] DISAPPOINTED by the defeat of the FANATICAL-PROHIBITION.


« It wasn’t a big ask » Trumbauer said.  « It was playing it safe for areas that children use intensively. »  [ ?!?! ]



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SHOULD FANATICAL ACTIVIST-PARENTS BE ALLOWED NEAR CHILDREN !    Observers are highly concerned that the mock-campaigns of paranoia & conspiracies displayed by activist-parents against pest control products are having a negative impact on the children in their community.  It has been speculated that these children are clearly being exposed to some form of enviro-abuse.  With left-wing pesticide-hating activist-parents, the only ones that are being harmed are their children, because of them, and NOT because of pest control products.  In fact, observers are, themselves, morally disgusted that children’s attitudes are being twisted with their activist-parents’ mock-campaigns of paranoia & conspiracies.  Sadly, some day, these abused children will become just like their activist-parents, and they will serve absolutely NO useful purpose to society.  If activist-parents truly care about their children, they will cease and desist all further mock-campaigns of paranoia & conspiracies    for the sake of the children !


CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER BECAUSE OF PROHIBITION !    Children are at risk from dangerous pest-infested playing surfaces which are created by #@!!% pesticide bans !  No one wants this #@!!% dangerous ban nonsense that places children at risk !


CHILDREN ARE SAFER WITH PESTICIDES !    Left-wing pesticide-hating enviro-fanatics are WRONG !  Pest control products are scientifically-safe, and will NOT cause harm to children.  Allegations about the imaginary danger to children are totally false, and are untrue mis-representations designed to alarm and enrage the public for mere money and profit given to anti-pesticide & environmental-terrorist organizations.  The risk assessment of conventional pest control products indicates that they are scientifically-safe, and, when used properly, will NOT cause harm to children, people, animals, or the environment.


CHILDREN ARE SAFE ON A PESTICIDE-TREATED LAWN  !    Leading scientific experts, like Dr Katherine von Stackelberg, say they would NOT hesitate to let their children play on a lawn where lawn care products have been used as long as the products were applied according to label directions.  ( See links below. )


CHILDREN ARE SAFE WITH 2,4-D !    According to another leading expert, Dr James S Bus, there is NO evidence that common lawn herbicides like 2,4-D cause cancer or any health problems in children.  Dr Bus has also stated that there is NO regulatory agency in the world that regards pest control products like 2,4-D as a threat to children’s health.  ( See link below. )


2,4-D IS SAFE FOR KIDS !    According to yet another leading expert, Mr William Jordan, Deputy Director, Office of Pesticide Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ), parents DO NOT need to worry as long as a pest control product is used correctly.  The EPA has spent a lot of time looking at products like 2,4-D, and has concluded that it is SAFE FOR KIDS.  ( See link below. )


CHILDREN ARE NOT SAFE WITH PROHIBITION !    Any form of prohibition actually harms children and represents a danger to children !  Because of prohibition, children are forced to play on #@!!% pest-infested and dangerous garbage dumps !  ( See links below. )


CHILDREN CANNOT PLAY BECAUSE OF PROHIBITION !    In Hamilton, Ontario, children cannot play on the grass because of the proliferation of weeds.  In 2007, Hamilton imposed a prohibition against pest control products used in the urban landscape.  Since then, no one wants this #@!!% dangerous ban nonsense that places their children at risk !  ( See link below. )


CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER BECAUSE PROHIBITION ATTRACTS BEES !    In jurisdictions like Wallingford, Connecticut, there is a fear of litigation with pesticide-free playing surfaces which have been infested with weeds, like clover and dandelion, that have been attracting bees.  What if children get stung and what if they are allergic to bees ?!?!  Clover attracts bees that can harm children and kill people.  Clover attracts killer bees.  For people who are allergic to bee stings, dangerous anaphylactic reaction may be triggered and may be potentially deadly.  Additionally, honey bee stings will release pheromones that prompt other nearby bees to attack.  Consequently, no one wants this #@!!% dangerous ban nonsense that places their children at risk !  ( See links below. )


PESTICIDES ARE SAFE !    The risk assessment of conventional pest control products indicates that they are scientifically-safe, and, when used properly, will NOT cause harm to children, people, animals, or the environment.  ( See links below. )


For the whole truth about CHILDREN, please explore the following links



But the PROPOSED PROHIBITION ENCOUNTERED OPPOSITION from county administrators, who said PROHIBITION would make the upkeep of county-owned playgrounds TOO HARD TO MANAGE for already overextended staff.


Councilman Pete Smith, a Severn Democrat who cast the swing vote on the PROPOSED PROHIBITION, said he had « mixed emotions » and decided to VOTE AGAINST IT because he was uncertain that pest control products were harmful enough to warrant FANATICAL-PROHIBITION.



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Fanatical-prohibition was/is needless, senseless, malicious, and unnecessary.  All prohibitions have been 100 per cent politically-based and 0 per cent science-based.  The basis for prohibition has been confusing and inconsistent, and conflicts with national regulatory agencies around the world, that are relied upon for health and safety assessments.


Overall, the risk assessment of conventional pest control products indicates that they are scientifically-safe, and, when used properly, will NOT cause harm to children, people, animals, or the environment.  ( See links below. )


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Across North America, government officials are no longer readily jumping in favour of fanatical-prohibition.  It is clear that pesticide-hating fanatics conspire to impose prohibition in order  to destroy professional lawn care and manufacturer industries.  At this time, there are dozens of jurisdictions that have aggressively-challenged and even repealed fanatical-prohibitions, or have granted professional lawn care businesses with an exception status.  These jurisdiction have kept children safe, since, with prohibitions, children are at high risk of slipping and tripping and becoming seriously hurt.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep green spaces well-maintained, safe, and attractive without conventional pest control products.  Playing surfaces become thin and yellow, and over-run with weeds and infested with insects, resulting in the dismal destruction of turf playing surfaces.  In essence, pest control products prevent slipping and tripping injuries and keep children safe.  There are now dozens of jurisdictions that have kept children safe by stopping or rescinding or limiting or beginning to repeal fanatical-prohibitions, or by granting professional lawn care businesses with an exception status.  The following jurisdiction have kept children safe       Alberta ( Province )      Altona ( Manitoba )      Ashland ( Oregon )      Beaumont ( Alberta )      Belleville ( Ontario )      British Columbia ( Province )      Calgary ( Alberta )      Campbell River ( British Columbia )      Chicago ( Illinois )      Deer Lake ( Newfoundland )      Durango ( Colorado )      Edmonton ( Alberta )      Everett ( Washington )      Guelph ( Ontario )      Guelph-Eramosa ( Ontario )      Hudson ( Quebec    Existing Prohibition Morally Invalidated Since Several Government Officials Who Were Responsible For Prohibition Are Now Facing Charges Of Fraud, Corruption, & Tax-Evasion )      Kamloops ( British Columbia )      Kauaʻi County ( Hawaiʻi )      Kelowna ( British Columbia )      Merritt ( British Columbia )      New Brunswick ( Province )      Newfoundland ( Province )      Ogunquit ( Maine )      Ontario ( Proposed Amendment To Provincial Pesticide Ban Has Begun The Process To Repeal Ontario Anti-Pesticide Prohibition )      Parksville ( British Columbia )      Port Alberni ( British Columbia )      Portage La Prairie ( Manitoba )      Quebec ( Imposed Provincial Prohibition Limited With Permitted Active Ingredients, & Also Invalidated Because Ban Defeated By Lawsuit  )      Regina ( Saskatchewan )      Rossland ( British Columbia )      Saint Josephine ( Oregon )      Salmon Arm ( British Columbia )      Saskatchewan ( Province )      Scarborough ( Maine )      Steinbach ( Manitoba )      Stuartburn ( Manitoba )      Summerside ( Prince Edward Island )      Vernon ( British Columbia )      Winkler ( Manitoba )      United Kingdom ( Suspended Fanatical European Union Prohibition Against Neonicotinoid Insecticides )      United Kingdom ( UK    Suspended European Union ( EU ) Prohibition Against Neonicotinoid Insecticides  )      USA ( A Vast Majority Of States Have Legislated Pre-Emption Laws, Virtually All Proposed Prohibitions Stopped ).  ( See links below. )



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