Nursery and Sod Growers Association of Ontario — "GREEN CERTIFIED SOD" — Recommendation: — Diazinon — For Grub Control

UPDATE: The Nursery and Sod Growers website is now suggesting Nematodes instead of Diazinon for Grub Control

We know that Nematodes don't work for grubs very well.   We also know that the Sod growers still use Diazinon or Imidacloprid on their Grub Problems.  They are exempt from the pesticide ban.

If you believe that a Full and Thick Healthy Turf will not grow weeds, Wait 1 year and see what your new sod looks like.

Wait 3 years and you won't believe that you even bought sod, it will look like a weed infested lawn.

Pesticides are the only solution, that is why the SOD GROWERS USE PESTICIDES.

Where is the ORGANIC SOD?????


Controlling Insects

Unlike diseases, which must be prevented, insects are usually controlled after they appear. It is important that you recognize them quickly before they do too much damage.

A common insect that you should watch for is the white grub. Grubs live in the soil under the grass. If you suspect their presence in your lawn, remove a block of sod and count the grubs. If you have as many as five per 1/10 sq. meter, treat your lawn with a good soil insecticide such as Diazinon.

The sod web worm is a lively brown worm about 2 cm. long that feeds on grass and causes grass to turn brown. Chinch Bugs are small black insects about 1/2 cm. in length that suck the juices from the grass plant. The damage shows large irregular yellowish brown patches, usually along the edge of a sidewalk, curb or foundation.