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Ontario Pesticide Ban – Artificial Turf The New Green – GuelphMercury – Dalton McGuinty killed my shrub

Dalton McGuinty killed my shrub

Aug 2, 2012

OK, so maybe the premier didn’t have a direct hand in the death of the euonymus bush on my front yard. An infestation of dreaded euonymus scale took care of that.

But Dalton McGuinty did prevent me from taking action to save that shrub, which I had lovingly trimmed over the years into something resembling a piano. His was a crime of omission.

According to my local nursery expert (who spoke on condition of anonymity), several federally approved remedies could have saved my shrub. But while folks elsewhere can make use of them, not me — thanks to McGuinty’s 2009 ban on cosmetic pesticides.

It’s worth pointing out that every chemical banned by the provincial government was previously approved by scientists at the federal government’s pest management regulatory agency. The ban was motivated by the “precautionary principle” that stirs up fear of minuscule or unknown risks in the absence of scientific evidence. In defending his ban, the premier frequently mentioned the need to protect children from such risks. But what of the unintended consequences?

Judging from the shape of every other euonymus bush in my neighbourhood, the shrub may be on its way to complete extinction. Scale has arrived and there’s now no way to cure it. (As an aside, the nursery recommended I burn the infected bush to stop the infestation from spreading, but of course I’m not allowed to do that either.)

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Landscape Ontario – Pesticide Treated Lawn Install – Occupy Toronto – St. James Park Restoration Underway | Councillor Pam McConnell

This sod has been treated with 2,4-D and other banned pesticides.

Will it be safe for pregnant women and children???

St. James Park Restoration Underway

December 6th, 2011

Councillor Pam McConnell announced today that a generous donation by Landscape Ontario and the Ontario Sod Growers Association will restore the grass in St. James Park this week at no cost to the City.

On Wednesday, volunteers from these organizations will conduct preparatory work to aerate the site and lay down an inch of soil on the 11,000 square meters of ground. On Thursday, volunteers and City Parks staff will lay out 12 tractor trailer loads of sod in the Park.

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Youtube: California city bans artificial grass – Health Hazards

Nov 17, 2011 by Kim I. Hartman California city bans artificial grass

Glendale – City leaders in Glendale, California, have approved a ban on artificial grass and have begun issuing warning tickets to violators.

Code enforcement officers have issued six warning notices to residents who refuse to remove their artificial lawns which were banned by the city three months ago, reports the Glendale News-Press.

Mayor Laura Friedman cited "potential health hazards presented by high levels of lead in artificial turf in opposing changes to city codes that would allow property owners to install the faux grass in front yards." The city council voted in August to continue the ban on artificial grass in front yards of homes throughout the city.

"When asked why the fake grass would continue to be allowed in backyards, officials had no answer," according to CBS Los Angeles.

Proponents of artificial grass say it saves water, is visually appealing and doesn't require the maintenance of a traditional lawn.

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Landscape Ontario – Willowbrook Nurseries – Donates $5380.04 to Canadian Cancer Society

Willowbrook Nurseries is exempt from the Ontario Pesticide Ban for now.

They are providing and selling pesticide treated Nursery Stock.

Is this President John Langendeons attempt to subvert the Canadian Cancer Societies mission in banning pesticide use within Nurseries and Sod Farms Next?

Nurseries,  Sod farms and Golf Courses should be standing up to these Environmental Activists, not supporting them.

Wheres the Organic Sod Farms????????


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