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Maine Bill Would Outlaw Local Pesticide Ban Laws

You’ve probably heard of plastic bag ban bans, but now state lawmakers want to legislate pesticide bans.

Maine’s Republican Gov. Paul LePage is backing a bill that would strip the pesticide regulations of dozens of cities and towns and prevent them from enacting new rules.

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Proud of Being “Ignorant” but it “feels good inside”, says Mike Duffy.

Isn’t this how Pam Charbonneau started off promoting misinformation at the University of Guelph – Lets help destroy the lawn care industry Resource Center. Sponsored by Landscape Ontario

Charlottetown Deputy Mayor Mike Duffy said it’s key to get the information out now

He said the city is working on developing a video to educate people about alternative products they can use.

“You can only do that — convince some people — by showing them plots where nothing has been used, very safe [pesticides] have been used very lethal [pesticides] have been used and there’s no difference,” he said.

“They proof is in the pudding so to speak and we hope to do that by showing them.”


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European Parliament | GLYPHOSATE – YES or NO? | Dr. Pavel Poc | Mar 2, 2016

Extreme Activist Group “Avaaz” opens European Parliament Discussion 

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Question to Andrew Leu – IFOAM ORGANICS & Pavel Poc (Funder ,Organizer of Event)

From Professor David Zurak (Risk Monger):

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A Chemical Reaction Gone Wrong | Former DG’s guilty plea is part of healing process: Hudson mayor


Former DG's guilty plea is part of healing process: Hudson mayor
MONTREAL, QUE.: AUGUST 10, 2015 — Former Hudson Director General Louise Léger-Villandré and her defence lawyer Robert La Haye appeared in Sallaberry-de-Valleyfield court, on Monday, August 10, 2015 following her Oct. 9, 2014 arrest for 19 charges of fraud in which a reported $1.1 million in municipal funds was misappropriated. (Dave Sidaway / MONTREAL GAZETTE)


Elaine Barnes | It wasn’t Cell Phones or Bacon | ‘Crying’ Cornwall Councillor KNOWS Pesticide Dangers.