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Ontario Ministry of Environment #Failure | Newsroom : Artists and Advocates to Join in Challenging Attitudes on Sexual Violence and Harassment

Artists and Advocates to Join in Challenging Attitudes on Sexual Violence and Harassment

Ontario Launches $2.25 Million Creative Engagement Fund

Women’s Directorate

Ontario has launched a $2.25 million Creative Engagement Fund, which will partner Ontario artists and advocates to help prevent sexual violence. They will challenge norms and change attitudes about sexual violence and harassment through artistic projects.

The Creative Engagement Fund will support artists in provoking dialogue and action on issues such as sexual consent, rape culture and misogyny. Artists should apply now through the Ontario Arts Council, who will administer the fund. The artistic projects may include any type of creative expression – performance, writing, music, photography, theatre, videos, online engagement, installation, painting, graffiti arts, murals and traditional Aboriginal arts.

Artists and art organizations will partner with sexual violence and harassment prevention organizations or experts to ensure projects are informed by the experience of survivors of sexual violence and those who work closely with them. Successful applicants will be announced in March 2016.

The Creative Engagement Fund is part of It’s Never Okay  – Ontario’s Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment. The plan will help change attitudes, improve supports for survivors and make workplaces and campuses safer and more responsive to complaints about sexual violence and harassment. It will help ensure that everyone in the province can live in safety and is free from the threat, fear or experience of sexual violence and harassment.

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Welcome to Canopy Cohousing

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Enviro Failure | Still Praying for Proof | Top Environmental Lawyer | Thinks, May Be, Not Sure, Possibly Safer Since Ban | Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Act | Ecocide Alert


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Youtube : Ford Nation | Toronto | Guildwood Park Pesticide Free FAILURE | Ash Trees DEAD EVERYWHERE

What is wrong with using Imidacloprid???  $20 per tree to treat for Emerald Ash Borer. Oh Ya they banned it in Ontario.  But could be Exempt with the swipe of a Pen.

So much for the Trees……  Restricted Products like TreeAzin not the Answer it looks like.  They don't even give Low Risk Acelepryn a try, but they manufacture it in Mississauga and send it to the USA.

Openly Gay Parent Peloso | Unfit to ADOPT? | Ontario Child Services ERROR?| Smitherman says family is on the mend after husbands disappearance | CP24.com

Possibly Unfit Father or Possibly Dangerous Lawn Pesticides, which was more important to George Smitherman!

Was Christopher Peloso Medical History provided when adopting 2 children in Ontario?

Imagine Peloso taking care of these children alone and having a medical emergency!

Medical Report
All persons living in the home must have a medical examination that confirms their capacity to care for a child or youth safely and indicates that no medical conditions exist that might present a risk to a child . The agency provides a questionnaire that is to be completed by the physician. Having a medical condition does not automatically mean an applicant will not be approved.

The particular condition or diagnosis and course of treatment and impact on parenting will be considered. If you have seen a medical specialist/therapist in the last five years, a letter will be requested from the specialist/therapist.  Ontario Medical Consent Form

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