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Rewarding Environmental Lunatics for being WRONG | New Trend In PEI | Failed rink wind turbine investments to be returned – Prince Edward Island – CBC News

Will the Governor General be hosting more Awards in PEI?
The four P.E.I. communities that put wind turbines up at their rinks have been given their initial investment back by the province.

The province will also cover the cost of taking down the turbines in Alberton, Kensington, Crapaud and Murray River.

Kensington CAO Geoff Baker told CBC News the town is happy it’s getting its $70,000 investment back and that the turbine is coming down.

“We’re disappointed that the project didn’t work, really from the very beginning,” said Baker.

“I would say we’re very pleased that the Wind Energy Institute and the provincial government came through and really looked after us as far as the investment we made into the project.”

Kensington’s rink was one of four that hoped to reduce electricity bills through wind energy, a project that received joint funding of almost $1.3 million from the communities, and provincial and federal governments.

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Welcome to Canopy Cohousing

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Green Ontario Failure | Suzuki / EcoJustice | Activist Groups Silent While Wynne Funds Polluting Ontario Lakes | Wynne announces interim deal to keep Experimental Lakes Area from closing – The Globe and Mail

The IISD wants assurances that experiments conducted at the station, which often involve injecting pollutants into the lakes to observe the effects, will not break environmental laws. That will likely require new legislation to be passed by Ontario and perhaps also by the federal government to exempt the research station from some environmental regulations. The agency also needs to establish a remediation fund to pay for the cleanup if something goes wrong.


Wynne announces interim deal to keep Experimental Lakes Area from closing

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Windsor Adopts Climate Change Adaptation Plan | windsoriteDOTca

Liz Thorne
Nov 20,2012

Windsor City Council has approved the City of Windsor Climate Change Adaptation Plan Monday night,  making it the  second only of its kind in Canada. The plan charts a proactive course to help Windsor prepare for the anticipated impacts of a changing climate.


The city says that recent statistics show that Windsor’s average temperature has increased by almost 1°C since 1940, and while this may not seem like a huge jump, environmentalists agree this number is substantial.  It has been predicted that the number of “hot” days (over 30 °C/86 °F) in this area could almost quadruple by 2071-2100. Increased heat affects all residents, especially those with illnesses like asthma. This, in turn, puts a strain on our health care services. There is also a financial toll, as residents are forced to deal with rising energy costs trying to stay cool. Yet another area of concern is higher than average rainfall amounts, including events in 2007 and 2010 which caused severe flooding. 2011 was Windsor’s wettest year on record with 1,568 mm of rain compared to the average annual rainfall of 844 mm.

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan outlines those areas where municipal operations would be most affected.

Action items have been developed for various City departments to help lessen the negative impacts of climate change on our municipality. These include a mandatory downspout disconnection program; a green roof, rain garden, permeable pavement policies; tree planting; and sewer use education campaigns for residents.  You can download a copy of the plan here. 

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Youtube: Local Governments & Cities are forced n2 Bankruptcy in the name of Sustainable Growth (Agenda 21)

Local Governments & Cities are forced n2 Bankruptcy in the name of Sustainable Growth (Agenda 21)

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