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''EU bid to ban Endosulfan driven by trade interests'' –  National News – News – MSN India


”EU bid to ban Endosulfan driven by trade interests”

Chennai, Jan 21 (PTI) The European Union”s bid to enforce a worldwide ban on use of Endosulfan pesticide, citing health hazards, was driven solely by trade interests, the Pesticides Manufacturers and Forumulators Association of India alleged today.

“The plea of health hazard in use of Endosulfan is far from the truth and EU, in a bid to promote its patented products, is making attempts to ban it,” Association president Pradip Dave told a press conference here.

He claimed there was no scientific study to prove that use of Endosulfan resulted in health hazards. The pesticide was being used by farmers in India, China and Latin American countries, he said.

Dave said India produces 80 per cent of global Endosulfan, which is used to protect horticulture products, and any move to ban it would have an adverse impact on the country”s fertiliser industry.

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Sierra Club Broad Based Allegations — Endangered Species — CEC: CEC Council instructs Secretariat to develop a factual record on the Species at Risk submission

CEC Council instructs Secretariat to develop a factual record on the Species at Risk submission

Montreal, 10 January 2011—The Council of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) has instructed the CEC Secretariat to develop a factual record for the SEM-06-005 (Species at Risk) submission.

In the submission, filed with the Secretariat on 10 October 2006, the Sierra Club (United States and Canada), Nature Canada, the David Suzuki Foundation, Conservation Northwest, Environmental Defence, ForestEthics, Ontario Nature, Western Canada Wilderness Committee, BC Nature, Federation of Alberta Naturalists, the Natural History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nature Nova Scotia and Nature Quebec (the “Submitters”), represented by the Sierra Legal Defence Fund (now Ecojustice), allege that Canada is failing to effectively enforce the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA) in regard to requirements for listing species for protection under the Act, recovery planning, and the issuance of emergency orders.

In its response, filed on 8 February 2007, Canada explains that SARA is a relatively new and complex piece of legislation that requires extensive consultations and collaboration. Canada refers to court actions filed by environmental groups in 2006 citing inadequate protection of the Northern Spotted Owl and the Piping Plover. Canada states that in view of these proceedings, the Secretariat should proceed no further with the Submitters’ assertions concerning use of emergency orders and identification of critical habitat. Regarding allegations that the federal government posted only 23 out of 133 recovery strategies that were due in 2006, Canada asserts that the scope and purpose of the NAAEC is not to examine this type of broad-based allegation, rather fact-based incidents, which are lacking in the submission.

On 10 September 2007, the Secretariat recommended to the CEC Council that a factual record be developed for the submission. In its notification that a factual record was warranted for SEM-06-005, the Secretariat observed that the judicial proceedings cited in Canada’s response had been discontinued and, further, that the response left open central questions raised by the Submitters. During development of a factual record, the Secretariat proposed to gather information relevant to considering: whether Canada was failing to effectively enforce SARA sections 42, 41 and 80, specifically as regards delays in posting recovery strategies for 110 species; the alleged failure to identify species’ critical habitats in recovery strategies that have been posted; and a failure by the federal Environment Minister to recommend to Cabinet issuance of emergency orders for the protection of the Northern Spotted Owl in British Columbia and the Woodland Caribou in Alberta, despite the alleged existence of imminent threats to the survival or recovery of these species.

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OAKVILLE CAT BYLAW : InsideHalton Article: Cat bylaw is just a money grab
Cat bylaw is just a money grab


Re: New Oakville bylaw reins in roaming cats, Oakville Beaver, Jan 13.

Here we go again, another ill-thought-out law.  Public input?  Pshaw!

What exactly is to be gained from this new law and what problem is it actually going to solve?  It will not address the underlying problem of cat overpopulation in any way whatsoever.

I would argue the only cats that are going to be easily caught in Oakville are those that have already been spayed and neutered (perhaps when adopted from the humane society), micro-chipped and wearing a collar. 

It will be the well-cared-for house cat, who is just sitting there minding his own business, that will be targeted and owners unfairly fined.

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The Nanny State and you The New Currency of Socialism — Randy Hillier Ontario MPP

Former Super Bowl champ Clint Didier on fighting back against EPA Buffer Zone, shutting down farms.