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Jeroen van der Sluijs | Task Force on Systemic Pesticides IUCN Tokyo 2012 Forum

Waterloo Student Rips John Bennett a new A*SS | Shut down the Sierrra Club | Useless Environmental Group

@john__bennett @ElizabethMay @evansolomoncbc You know if you ban #neonics we'll still have dead bees, this issue has be oversimplified.

The Beheading of an Industry | Scientists reluctant to speak up on neonics – The Western Producer

  Live blog: Scientists reluctant to speak up on neonics

By Robert Arnason
Canadian scientists who believe insecticidal seed treatments are safe aren’t contributing to the raging controversy over neonicotinoids because if they stick their neck out, fellow academics and environmental groups will chop off their head.

Last week Ontario’s environment minister and the province’s commissioner of the environment both made the same statement regarding neonicotinoids, the most widely used class of insecticides in the world. Glen Murray and Gord Miller said neonics are a greater threat to Canada’s ecosystem than DDT.

Their quotes prompted a slew of instantaneous media reports with predictable comments from environmental groups, agreeing that neonics are killing bees, poisoning wetlands and killing millions of birds across the country.

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Insecticides ‘are poisoning world food supplies’ | News | The Week UK

Extreme Activist Ole Hendrickson says Neonics are 5 to 10 thousand times more toxic to bees than DDT

Pesticide Truths is wondering if the IUCN is just another lunatic terrorist organization.

IUCN Commissions Description Brochure

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Deficit Model | Picton, Ontario | Municipality Bans Pesticide (Imidacloprid) that was Banned in 2009 | The Feel Good Theory

Listen carefully to what the EU is saying Lenny!  Promoting an Alarmistic Scenario. You would make Perfect Council Material at the Tax Payers, Businesses and Farmers Expense.  Stick to something you are well versed at, please.  Ontario Bee Keepers Association are Radical Extremists.


Ontario county bans controversial pesticide as bee health debate continues

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