May 20, 2024

1 thought on “Ontario Pesticide Ban Failure | Quinte News – Weeds win the day

  1. Belleville MUST RESCIND ITS PESTICIDE BAN, and ALLOW SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and ECONOMICAL pest control products to be used on public and private Green Spaces.  No one wants this #@!!% ban nonsense !  It is impossible for home-owners or professionals to keep their properties beautiful by using so-called green alternative pesticides and practices.  Without conventional pest control products, playing surfaces become thin and yellow, and over-run with weeds and infested with insects, resulting in the dismal destruction of safe turf playing surfaces and turning them into garbage dumps.  Who wants to live in #@!!% pest-infested garbage dumps just because a small group of activists seek to impose needless pesticide bans ?!?!  Can municipalities and home-owners afford the hardship and cost of this #@!!% pesticide ban nonsense ?!?!   No !  Organic pesticide-free maintenance is promoted by enviro-vermin with unverifiable success stories !  It is a dismal failure !   Green alternative pesticides, as well as organic fertilizers, are often owned and distributed by the very same enviro-vermin who conspire to impose anti-pesticide prohibition.  The question of anti-pesticide prohibition revolves less around health and environment concerns, and more around the sale of products and services that are sold at stunningly exorbitant costs. When it comes to pesticide bans, municipal officials are thinking twice about banning pesticides by looking at the experience of those jurisdictions that have suffered the hardship and stunningly exorbitant costs of this #@!!% nonsense !×1   In fact, there are real trends against pesticide bans.  The following jurisdictions stopped or rescinded or limited or opposed anti-pesticide prohibition, or granted professional lawn care businesses with an exception status  …  Alberta ( Province ), Altona ( Manitoba ), Ashland ( Oregon ), Beaumont ( Alberta ), British Columbia ( Province ), Calgary ( Alberta ), Campbell River ( British Columbia ), Chicago ( Illinois ), Durango ( Colorado ), Edmonton ( Alberta ), Everett ( Washington ), Guelph ( Ontario ), Guelph-Eramosa ( Ontario ), Kamloops ( British Columbia ), Kelowna ( British Columbia ), Merritt ( British Columbia ), New Brunswick ( Province ), Newfoundland & Labrador ( Province ), Port Alberni ( British Columbia ), Portage La Prairie ( Manitoba ), Quebec ( Prohibition Invalidated When Lawsuit Defeated Ban ), Regina ( Saskatchewan ), Rossland ( British Columbia ), Salmon Arm ( British Columbia ), Scarborough ( Maine ), Saint John’s ( Newfoundland & Labrador ), Steinbach ( Manitoba ), Stuartburn ( Manitoba), Vernon ( British Columbia ), Winkler ( Manitoba ).   The trends against pesticide bans continue.  No one can afford this #@!!% nonsense !  WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G   

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