Ontario Pesticide Ban Results : Turf King – Weeds & Weed Grasses

What can be done?
A thick green lawn will do much to help keep weeds to a minimum.
With Ontario’s new Cosmetic Pesticide Ban, keeping weeds out of lawns is going to be more difficult than in the past. The products that are currently available do not work as effectively or as efficiently as the traditional, now banned, weed killer products.

There is a new product or two on the horizon that are supposedly going to be much more reasonable in effectiveness and cost. But that is still in the future.

There are 2 approaches to weed management.

1. Concentrate our efforts on building a strong and healthy turf population to crowd out and resist weeds. Many of our customers with reasonably healthy lawns are choosing this method and have elected to use our Root Proliferator treatment to boost root density in the soil profile. Weed treatments per se are not used.

2. Use the weed management products that are currently available but recognize that they may fall short of the expectations that we have been accustomed to in the past. Spot treatments are used to combat existing weeds. (up to 25% coverage). Not all weeds are susceptible to these treatments.
(Severe problems with weeds will require extensive and more costly applications. Cost will be dependent on your individual weed situation.)

Please pull a few weeds when you see them starting to sprout. Even if you get only half of the root of a small dandelion, it will probably die. On the other hand, leaving 10% of large dandelion root behind is often enough for that dandelion to sprout up again.

Ways to discourage weeds using the first approach of building up the lawn include:
 Granular Compost applications- adding organic matter to improve soil structure
 Root proliferator treatments- to crowd out weeds
 Aerating and overseeding- to improve turf density

Please call if you would like to add any of these types of treatments to your program

Turf King – Weeds & Weed Grasses.