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The City of Porty Moody's Pesticide Free Education Campaign is an utter failure.

Pesticide Free Bc should be ashamed.

Education Programs for the Public Sponsored by the City that are ineffective at treating their Grub Problem.  May be the need healthy grass like in Ontario.


The European chafer (Rhizotrogus majalis) is an introduced insect to British Columbia that has become a serious lawn pest in the Lower Mainland. Since it was first discovered in New Westminster in late 2001, its geographic range has spread considerably throughout several Lower Mainland communities, including within the borders of Port Moody. 

The European chafer beetle is most damaging during its grub or larval stage. Grubs feed on roots of many different plants, but prefer the fibrous roots of turf grasses. Damage can be masked by abundant moisture in spring and fall, but drier weather reveals an emergence of brown patches. Major damage to lawns occurs when, birds, skunks and other predators turn over the lawn in search of these large white grubs in early fall and spring. The adult beetles seldom cause any significant damage. They are short-lived and do not bite or sting.

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Pesticide Free Failure | City Of Coquitlam Offers Water Ban Exemptions for Organic Pest Control | Water Use Restrictions & Regulations

Nematodes are microscopic organisms that can control European Chafer beetles and are most effective when applied between late July and mid-August. As your lawn must be watered thoroughly before and after a nematode application, you can apply for a water exemption permit from the City to water outside of the sprinkling restrictions. Please refer to our European Chafer beetle information to learn about managing European Chafer beetle infestations on your lawn. 

Exemption permits for nematode treatments:

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