May 20, 2024

2 thoughts on “What motivated Debbie Lazar to advocate for the Canadian Cancer Society and tell Brad’s Story [she and Meg Sears told many he died of garden pesticide exposure]?

  1. What motivates me as an advocate, is to save lives from losing my husband. Has been from the beginning, and is to this day. Opening up a section in WCB would have caused huge awareness, therefore better protecting the worker, preventing other families from going through what mine did. No matter WCB’s outcome of my husbands case, scientific studies have proven time and time again that pesticides cause cancer and other horrifying, debilitating health problems. Even though WCB clearly has the interests of industry closer to their heart then the safety of the worker, it is simply a matter of time before the ill effects of these deadly chemicals become known to the public at large.

  2. [“We want people to know this is causing cancer,” said Debbie. She has been to Kamloops and Kelowna (both considering pesticide-banning bylaws) and will be off to the Kootenay’s shortly, to spread the message of the danger of pesticides.]


    This is wrong for you to preach Debbie Lazar.

    You are looking for something to blame your husbands death on, just like Meg Sears and her Golf Course Story. Or how about Sarah Newton and her Soccer Friend’s death. Paul Tukey’s wife blames Paul Tukey for his son’s ADHD.

    This blog is intended to expose persons like yourself and let the public decide if your are being honest, if your opinions are valid, should they be considered when publicly discussing pesticides and the Livelihood of Green Industry Members you are destroying.

    If there were effective Alternatives to the pesticides that are being banned, do you not think the Green Industry would be using them and happily continuing on with their Business?

    It is hard to make a living and satisfy paying customers when you are forced to use or sell sub standard products.

    Remember, Health Canada [The Canadian Federal Government] approves these products [on Lawns] you are trying to say are dangerous.

    Anti-Government, Anti-Pesticide, Anti-Choice is your message. There is no Pro-Health Advocating, just fables and bedtime stories.

    If you can provide real evidence of your claims we are all ears and would gladly post the proof on UNCLEADOLPH for everyone to see.

    Unfortunately Ms. Cottam could not come up with any solid evidence, just a repeat of Meg Sears discredited Bibliographical expertise evidence and a reference to a conveniently reinterpreted Precautionary Principle which makes climbing ladders or eating dinner with a sharp knife unsafe.

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