April 22, 2024



The Media Library Of Municipal
Prohibition Failures In British Columbia




The Failures Of Prohibition
Against The Use Of Conventional
Pest Control Products Used
In The Urban Landscape


A major study of British Columbia’s anti-pesticide by-laws has concluded that municipal prohibitions are dismal failures.

This is because municipal officials are now circumventing their own prohibitions by taking advantage of exception statuses that they have conveniently inserted in their by-laws.

Municipal prohibitions have provided inconsistent & unfair exception statuses for invasive weeds & destructive insects  ―  for city-owned properties only  ―  but certainly not for lawn care businesses & home lawns.

Municipal prohibitions have led to catastrophic ecological carnage for tens of thousands of destroyed & ravaged properties every single year.

Consequently, municipal prohibitions have annihilated legitimate & tax-paying businesses that operate in the professional lawn care industry.

These businesses cannot afford the hardship & the cost of this #@!!% prohibition nonsense.

Once any prohibition is adopted, local businesses are expected to disappear into oblivion within 2 or 3 years, & vast numbers of workers are expected to become unemployed.

Additionally, for those residents with the same pest problems on their home properties, they may be shжt-outta-luck relying on any exception.

Without conventional pest control products, home properties have become pest-infested & dangerous garbage dumps because it is impossible to control invasive weeds & destructive insects by using so-called green alternative pesticides like Fiesta.

Municipal prohibitions have led to catastrophic pest carnage for tens of thousands of destroyed & ravaged properties every single year.

British Columbia’s municipal exception statuses represent the best examples of the failures, the ridiculousness, & the destructiveness of their anti-pesticide prohibitions.

Municipal prohibitions have been disgustingly arbitrary in their flagrant discrimination against professional lawn care businesses & home properties.

In order to be consistent & fair, there should be no #@!!% exception statuses whatsoever.

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