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Overview & Summary


The Golf Industry Creates
Positive Waves For Society



Paying-Golfers Deserve Safe Infection-Free Golf Courses




The 2019–2020 Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic


Also known as the Wuhan Virus and COVID-19. 


The Chinese Coronavirus is an ongoing public health emergency of international concern involving major outbreaks of a deadly infectious disease that has spread globally, resulting in the 2019–20 pandemic.  This disease was first identified in 2019 in Wuhan, China. 


The virus is natural with animal origin, and spreads by human-to-human transmission.  Observers believe that the pandemic was precipitated by the Chinese deviant life-style of raising and breeding disease-infected wild animals, like bats and lizards, for food, companionship, and intimacy. 



The Planet’s Great Conservationists


Golf course facilities create POSITIVE WAVES for our society with preventive measures to reduce the chances of infection.  


Golf course superintendents have contributed extensively to the high-quality playing conditions and aesthetics of golf courses. 


In the era of the Chinese Coronavirus, these superintendents, with other golf club officials, are now preserving an infection-free environment. 


The golf course superintendents    THE PLANET’S GREAT CONSERVATIONISTS. 


A great example, Cordova Bay Golf Course, is examined in the next segments. 



Cordova Bay Golf Course


Cordova Bay is a semi-private 18-hole championship golf course and a 9-hole par 3 golf course, located in district of Saanich, British Columbia.


On January 25th, 2010, district of Saanich legislated its extremely biased & highly prejudicial prohibition against conventional pest control products used in the urban landscape.


However, golf facilities like Cordova Bay were provided with an unofficial but priceless pesticide ban exception status. 


Cordova Bay’s officials, who normally espouse politically-correct environmental-rubbish, have thoughtfully responded to the Chinese Coronavirus. 


See next segments. 




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Politically-Correct Rubbish At Cordova Bay Golf Course LINK























Positive Waves    Cordova Bay Golf Course    Responding To Chinese Coronavirus


Special Notice



Emphasizing Sanitizing



March 14th, 2020


Cordova Bay Golf Course


Media Release

Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Cordova Bay Golf Course — Special Notice On Coronavirus




Due to the fact that the first case of COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ] has been identified in Victoria, and with the broad measures being taken world-wide, we thought it appropriate to give you an update on our plans at Cordova Bay. 


We have directed our cleaners and employees to put more emphasis on sanitizing surfaces such as cart steering wheels, pull cart handles, door handles, counter tops and tables and we will continue to disinfect these areas on a regular basis.  We have increased our on-hand inventory of cleaning products and disinfectants. 


We care deeply about the health and welfare of our clients and our employees.  We urge you to keep yourself safe and follow any updates on the web-site of BC Health Authority. 


In light of current events, we will making the following changes to our March [ 2020 ] event schedule   


Men’s Club Shamrock Open  –  Confirmed    March 15

Ladies Club Spring Meeting    Postponed    March 24

Winter League Wrap Up Golf and Dinner    Cancelled    March 25

Winter League Wrap Up Golf and Dinner    Cancelled    March 26

Wine Pairing Dinner    Decision Pending    March 28


We will keep you updated as things progress and more information becomes available to us. 


When at the golf course please respect the recommended social distancing that is being encouraged by the Public Health Agency of Canada and limit person to person contact with employees and fellow golfers, and PLEASE if you are not well cancel your tee time or your lunch/dinner reservations. 


The restaurant and golf courses are open and we look forward to seeing you all enjoy the fresh air, exercise, and a day with your friends. 








Positive Waves    Cordova Bay Golf Course    Responding To Chinese Coronavirus





Express Hands-Free Golf Check-In


Flagstick & Putting Green Cup Touch Points


Take-Out & Delivery Service


And More



March 18th, 2020


Cordova Bay Golf Course


Media Release

Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Cordova Bay Golf Course — Special Notice On Coronavirus




Bill Mattick’s Restaurant


We made the difficult decision today to close our restaurant effective after dinner service tonight.  While we are not yet legally mandated to do so, we have a moral obligation to protect our staff, our customers and our community and do our part to flatten the curve.


For the time being we will continue to offer kiosk service as we are able to do so with minimal contact with our customers ( please come prepared to pay by card or on account, not with cash ). 


We will also be setting up to offer take-out and hopefully delivery service to our immediate neighbours. 


Watch for updates via email or call for details.  Please be patient with us as we get ourselves set up and organized in the next few days.


We will miss seeing you all in the restaurant. 


But are excited about the changes we have made to set up express, hands free golf check-in to help keep you safe while you enjoy some much needed time in nature. 


This too shall pass and you will be the first to know when we throw our doors open again to celebrate when this is all behind us. 


The Bay Course – OPEN FOR BUSINESS with some minor changes.  Rest assured, it’s the same game, played with your regular group, as difficult and frustrating as ever.  For everyone’s safety we have removed all bunker rakes, ball washers, putting green flags, sand and seed bottles, and have introduced a solution to Flagstick and putting green cup touch points.  We call it Cup Up.  If your ball touches the cup and comes to rest within 1 club length, it is considered in.  A stolen idea, but brilliant nonetheless !  [ See card below. ]



















Driving Range


Effective immediately the range will be available for pre-game warm-up only ( on a complimentary basis ). 


We will distribute golf balls without the need to use a pin pad or touch a range basket. 


Players will need to be checked in on the daily tee sheet to access the range.  Hours of operation    8:00 AM to last tee time. 



Pro Shop


With sincere apologies to all you habitual wagglers, there are no longer any drivers or wedges in the shop for you to fondle.  


In order to reduce touch points we have quarantined most of our inventory. 


You will be able to buy a ball or three, a bag of pegs, but not much else, so come prepared. 



Receipt Free


Pop into our nearly empty Pro Shop and announce yourself with gusto. 


Members will not need to sign for charges and non-members will be able to TAP to finish their debit or credit card transactions.  No paper receipts will be available but if requested we can email you copies.  We have temporarily suspended cash transactions, so please come with a credit or debit card. 



Green Fee Rates


We have postponed the implementation of our In Season Fee Schedule until at least April 15 [ 2020 ].  Summer League will be available on first day of the Summer Fee Schedule. 



Winter League


Ends March 31 [ 2020 ].  League Gift Certificates will have their expiry date extended to April 30 [ 2020 ]. 



Club Rentals


Not available until further notice. 





All private and group lessons will proceed as scheduled unless you hear directly from the instructor. 



Power & Pull Carts


Available for rent.  Be advised that handles and steering wheels are sanitized several times a day. 



Ridge Course


The course is open with the same touch point precautions as the Bay Course in place.  The Cafe remains closed.  Only bottled product is available for purchase from the kiosk window.



PARC At The Ridge


The roll-out of the program is still on hold. 



The Short Game Practice Area


Will open on Monday March 23rd [ 2020 ] at 9:00 AM.  Only monthly passes will be available for the time being. 



Walk The Course


We are pleased to offer access to our cart path as a walking trail.  If you have a family member or friend that has not experienced our beautiful property, feel free to bring them for a tour.  Time restricted to the following times.  7:00 AM – 9:00 AM ( back nine walk ) of after 6:00 PM ( front nine walk ).  Please check in at the Pro Shop before you head out. 



Reading Lists & More


One of the unintended benefits of the situation we are in is that we will be spending more time at home, taking deep breaths, nesting, reading, Netflixing.  Here is a recommended book list anyone that calls themselves a golfer should have read.  Take the opportunity and try to find copies of the following   


The Clicking of Cuthbert    P G Wodehouse

The Heart of a Goof    P G Wodehouse

Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate    Dan Jenkins

Swing the Clubhead    Ernest Jones

The Inner Game of Golf    Timothy Gallwey


In general find anything written by P G Wodehouse or Dan Jenkins, authors whose writings capture the soul of golf and of those who play it. 



Golf Movies ??


Caddyshack cannot be re-watched too often. 


Best Regards and

How ’bout a Fresca ?;


The Cordova Bay Team








Positive Waves    Cordova Bay Golf Course    Responding To Chinese Coronavirus





Temporary Closure



March 20th, 2020


Cordova Bay Golf Course


Media Release

Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Cordova Bay Golf Course — Special Notice On Coronavirus




Dear Golfers,


We want to assure you that we take the health and well-being of our community, customers, and employees very seriously.  Like you, we’re closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of the COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ] pandemic. 


It is with regret that we tell you that effective immediately, we have temporarily closed both golf courses and both club houses. 


We are very grateful for the kind words of support over the past days and are proud of the job we did to protect both customers and employees from being exposed to the virus. 


We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ] situation and will follow guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so that we can reopen the golf courses as soon as we are able.  We know how proud you are of the course and we promise to take very good care of her in your absence.  Watch our social media feeds for pictures of sunrises, blooms, eagles, and wildlife; all the things that enhance your day on the course.  


Members will hear from us over the coming days with respect to all issues regarding your Club Membership status.  Please be patient as we will not be answering the phone right away.  E-mail will be our only form of communication for a while. 


Please stay safe.








Positive Waves    Cordova Bay Golf Course    Responding To Chinese Coronavirus


Course Closure Update



Maintenance With A Skeleton Crew



March 24th, 2020


Cordova Bay Golf Course


Media Release

Selected And Adapted Excerpts




Cordova Bay Golf Course — Special Notice On Coronavirus




Dear Golfers, 


We thank you for the overwhelming support after we made the decision to close the golf courses. 


We trust that you are following the recommendations of Health Officials and maintaining social and physical distancing.  With that in mind, we ask you to respect our decision to not allow access to the golf course for walking. 


The golf courses will be lovingly maintained by a skeleton crew during the closure.  Rest assured that we are doing everything to ensure their safety from shift schedules to work locations.  Of course, our stringent sanitizing program for all equipment will continue.  As promised, we will send along pictures of the courses on Instagram and Twitter. 



Membership Report 


Men’s & Ladies Club Members 


Due to fact that no one knows how long we will be in this situation, we will refund your annual membership dues on a pro-rated basis at the end of every month beginning April 30.  One twelfth of your annual dues of $389* will be refunded at the end of every month going forward.  Refunds will be issued as an account credit.  When we reopen, you will all be automatically reinstated as members and the expiry date for all will be February 28, 2021. 


*  Awaiting a decision from Golf Canada to determine how to treat the portion of your membership fee associated with dues payable to them 



Player’s Club and Resident Members 


Refunds will be issued on the same schedule as Men’s and Ladies’ Club Members. 



Annual Pass & Junior Annual Pass Members 


Charges for monthly dues have been discontinued and reinstated when we open again. 



Golf Instruction Programs 


All prepaid group programs that have been prepaid have been refunded. 


All individual lesson series that are in progress will be resumed after the closure and will not expire. 



Winter League Vouchers 


Expiry date for Gift Cards, Lesson Discounts, and Ridge games will be extended 30 days from the date of reopening. 



Ridge Winter Program 


Bay Course 9 hole rounds will have expiry date extended 30 days from the date of reopening. 



Rapid Relief Fund 


We have all been inundated with bad news these past weeks, but there has been a significant silver lining in watching the community rally together through the many acts of kindness and generosity to take care of each other.  The Victoria Foundation, Times Colonist and Jawl Foundation formed an initiative called the « Rapid Relief Fund » that as the names suggests is engaged in rapidly deploying funds to agencies who can support and assist those who have been impacted by COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ] from a financial or health perspective.  If you would like to support this initiative donations can be made at Victoria Foundation Rapid Relief Fund. 


In partnerships with local not for profits, other agencies and a number of individuals we are also exploring ways to provide some support to small local businesses and those in need.  One example is with the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness.  There is a link on their web-site Canada Helps Donation. 


We hope to roll out the same model to deliver meals to children who are normally reliant on school meal programs to access food and some occasional deliveries of food to front line health workers to show them our support and gratitude for what they are going through.  Both of these initiatives are still in development but if you would like to support either please let us know and we will contact you when they are fully set up.  Produce from the vegetable garden on the golf course will also be directed towards feeding children who rely on school meal programs for access to food. 


If there is one thing that truly defines Victoria, it is its people.  In this sense Victoria will not be ravaged by COVID-19 [ the Chinese Coronavirus ], its citizens will pull together, show the very best of humanity and support one another.  As a result on the other side of this we will emerge as an even stronger community.  Whether it is helping a neighbour get groceries, doing your part to stay isolated, or supporting one of the many good causes out there we thank you for all you are doing. 


Take care of each other

The Cordova Bay Team









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EXPERTISE         turf & ornamental maintenance & troubleshooting      history of the green space industry      sales & distribution of seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, & equipment      fertilizer manufacturing & distribution      environmental issues & anti-pesticide terrжrism. 


NOTABLE ACTIVITIES         worked in virtually all aspects of the green space industry, including golf maintenance, professional lawn care, tree & shrub care, distribution, environmental compliance, government negotiations, public affairs, & workplace safety      the supervisor, consultant, & programmer for the successful execution of hundreds-of-thousands of management operations in the golf course & urban landscape, as well as millions of pest control applications      the advisor, instructor, & trainer for thousands of turf & ornamental managers & technicians      the pesticide certification instructor for thousands of industry workers      a founder of the modern professional lawn care industry      the prolific writer for industry publications, reports, & blogs      the first to confirm the invasion of European Chafer insects in both the Montreal region & the Vancouver / Fraser Valley region      with Dr Peter Dernoeden, the first to confirm the presence of Take All Patch as a disease of turf in Eastern Canada      with Dr David Shetlar, the first to confirm the presence of Kentucky Bluegrass Scale as an insect pest in south-western Ontario, & later, in the Montreal & Vancouver regions. 


SPECIAL CONTRIBUTIONS         the creator of the Pesticide Ban Exception Status that allowed the golf industry to avoid being subjected to anti-pesticide prohibition for a generation      the creator of the signs that are now used for posting after application      the co-founder of annual winter convention for Quebec golf course superintendents      the founder of the first ever Turf Summit with featured guest-speaker Dr Jack L Eggens   https://wp.me/p1jq40-7dT      the major influence in the decision by Canadian Cancer Society to stop selling-for-profit fresh pesticide-treated daffodils   https://wp.me/P1jq40-1OW      the only true reliable witness of the events of anti-pesticide prohibition in the town of Hudson, Quebec   https://wp.me/p1jq40-asu      the founder ( now retired ) of A Look At … & Force Of Nature reports & blogs. 


NOTABLE AWARD         the first man-of-the-year for contributions leading to the successful founding of the Quebec professional lawn care trade association, which served as a beach-head against anti-pesticide activists in the 1980s & 1990s. 


LEGACIES      Mr Gathercole & his colleagues         designed & implemented strategies that reined anti-pesticide activists & provided peace & prosperity for the entire modern green space industry for a generation      orchestrated legal action against anti-pesticide activists in the town of Hudson, Quebec      launched the largest founding professional lawn care business in the nation      quadrupled the business revenues of one of the largest suppliers in the nation. 


Mr Gathercole is now retired, although his name continues to appear as the founder of A Look At … & Force Of Nature reports & blogs. 


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