April 22, 2024

1 thought on “Ontario Pesticide BAN FAILURE | Urban Stream Water Concentrations | CARBARYL | Using Carbaryl in open bodies of water

  1. As mentioned in the above report, Oyster Growers are allowed to use CARBARYL insecticide as a water treatment against ghost shrimp and mud shrimp in oyster beds.


    There are lots of other examples where pest control products are used SAFELY under the most unexpected circumstances.


    It should be noted that, until 2007, even the herbicide SIMAZINE was also used an algae control for home aquariums.


    Moreover, chloraseptic, a brand of oral analgesic used for the relief of minor sore throat and mouth pain, has an active ingredient PHENOL, which is a chemical derivative herbicides such as PHENOXY HERBICIDES like 2,4-D, as well as numerous pharmaceutical drugs.


    If you spray chloraseptic on broad-leaved weeds, they will twist and shrivel in epinasty, just like 2,4-D.


    Additionally, the neonicotinoid insecticide IMIDACLOPRID is contained in K9 Advantix 10 Flea and Tick Adulticide for dogs and puppies.


    WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G   https://pesticidetruths.com/   http://wp.me/P1jq40-2rr  



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