YorkRegion Article: Pesticide ban tough on lawns

  • Aug 07, 2012 – 5:15 PM
Pesticide ban tough on lawns

Is it possible Premier Dalton McGuinty is seeking to extend the vote to the skunk and raccoon populations of Ontario?
If so, he has a rapidly growing electorate that would ensure him majority governments for as long as he desires to remain in office.
The reason for my suspicion lies with my shredded lawn, which has become more shredded with every passing year since Premier Dad brought in his pesticide ban in 2009.
Convinced the critters were using a roto-tiller to dig up my lawn looking for grub, I went out late one night to find a small army of skunks tearing up my lawn without the use of any mechanical assistance.
This occurred despite my neighbour having a battalion of seven skunks removed from under his porch the previous week.
Since we can no longer spray an effective grub killer on our lawns, the urban skunk population seems to have soared.
So what about the eco-friendly solution?
Here are the instructions for the Ontario-born and bred brand of nematodes I use:
1. Pre-water area being treated 2 to 3 inches (5 to 8 cm) deep.
2. Apply the nematodes using a hose-end sprayer.
3. Keep soil watered for three to four days after application to ensure the nematodes get into the soil to find grubs.
So, flooding my lawn with near-Biblical levels of water is the eco-friendly solution?
Even applying during a heavy rainfall, there is no way the six to 10 inches of water required over four days can be applied to any lawn larger than a postage stamp.
Therefore, the nematodes are rendered ineffective and the skunks and raccoons have a buffet dinner every night.
I wonder if Premier Dad’s Ottawa neighborhood has a similar problem?
If not, I’d be happy to buy my skunk interlopers bus tickets and cab fare directly to his house so they can provide him with the endless fun and expense they have given me.
Mike Murphy


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