Exposed : City of Oshawa – Company: Environmental Factor on Payroll for $35,000 and Counting – Target Neem Oil [Leaf Shine] for Lawns

The city of Oshawa is promoting Environmental Factor (Alternative Lawn Product Company) on their website and on their payroll.

They are promoting off label usage of Target Neem Oil.

This is totally illegal. It also shows the lack of public education on the Citys part as well as total ignorance for the Ontario Pesticide Ban.




Chinch Bugs: Adults are 4mm in length; the immature nymphs are bright red in colour and darken to grey/brown. Chinch bugs are very hard to see as they appear transparent.

If you suspect chinch bug damage, try this test to determine if they are indeed present.

1.Get a large can or clear bottle with a circular area of approximately 200cm.
2.Cut the bottom out and the top to form a cylinder and force this into the turf (2-3 inches)
3.Fill the cylinder with water, wait a few minutes and look for tiny bugs.
You can get a small clear cup and scoop up some water and look on the surface.
This photo shows an example of turf damage caused by the chinch bug. For an alternative control of chinch bugs try neem oil. It is a plant extract that is a natural insecticide. Spray the diluted neem oil onto the damaged turf then water thoroughly. Neem does not affect beneficial insects as they do not eat plant material. Ask your local garden centers or environmental product stores to see if they carry neem oil.

Pest Management Plan

Oshawa Environmental Advisory Committee 

An Info line at City Hall: 

o Explaining Bill 64

o Whistle blower hotline (depending on whether municipalities become responsible for

enforcement of the legislation)

o Information regarding products/local retailers (i.e. Environmental Factor) where safe

products can be found

Suzanne Elston – Senior Environmental Coordinator

The City of Oshawa is paying out large amounts of money to Environmental Factor on a regular basis.

June 2009 – $12,678.75

August 2009 – $973.50

December 2009 – $10,738.73

June 2010 – $5,581.50

September 2010 – $6,191.27