Archive : 2008 Point Claire Quebec offers residents Alternative Pesticide – Neem Oil Lawn Care Package –


There are presently some alternatives to maintain your lawn without damaging the environment.

For example, recently a product called “Persea” contains a package to maintain your grass from

the beginning of spring right to autumn, for an area of 3000 square foot.  Besides a complete

instruction guide, every kit contains some Neem oil that allows the grass to resist

to stress, as well as a bio-stimulant and some fish emulsion fertilizer to improve the growth and the

strength, by building the natural immune system of your lawn. The kit also includes a handy tool that

will help you to remove undesirable weeds. If you need more information, please consult their website

– {This link is Dead.}

They are selling Persea here now:


Neem Oil
Bioprotec HDN is a plant derived product of superior quality to improve and preserve leaf appearance of plants, shrubs and trees. Used since centuries for its biochemical and physiological properties, Neem oil is a product that can be applied on all fruits and vegetables.
Available sizes: 125 ml (concentrated), 500 ml (concentrated),
1 L (concentrated), 1 L (ready to use)

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