September 30, 2023

1 thought on “Kathleen Wynne | Minister of Agriculture | Pesticide Ban based on BEST POSSIBLE EVIDENCE | Ontario bee deaths | Toronto Star

  1. A Neonicotinoid Insecticide Ban Is NEXT !  And this time, it will be arbitrarily imposed against the Agriculture and Golf Industries.  Anti-pesticide lunatic government officials and bee-keepers are merely looking for so-called experts WHO AGREE WITH THEM as they seek arbitrary and ineffectual prohibition.  Any prohibition of pest control products is not necessary.  Between April and June 2012, Health Canada received a small number of reports of bee losses from across southern Ontario, involving a mere 40 bee-keepers, as well as 1 report from Quebec.  At present there are 2,900 bee-keepers in Ontario, therefore, the affected bee-keepers represent less than 1.5 per cent of all bee-keepers in Ontario.  The information evaluated to date suggests that insecticides used on treated corn seeds contributed to many of the bee losses.  Health Canada has issued a document entitled reducing risk from treated seeds which recommends Best Management Practices for corn growers.  This document is archived on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site.   Additionally, in 2013, Health Canada will assess how well the Best Management Practices are working.  Overall, there is no evidence to suggest a link between insecticides called neonicotinoids and bee deaths, or bee colony collapse disorder.  Overall, neonicotinoid insecticides do not harm bees.  It is far more likely that bee-keepers themselves are harming bees, and not neonicotinoid insecticides.  When used properly, with Best Management Practices, neonicotinoid insecticides cause no harm, and do not hurt bees.   WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G  

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