April 13, 2024

1 thought on “Ontario Continues to Screw Taxpayers | Anti Slapp Legislation | License to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL | John Gerretsen, Diane Saxe, Kathleen Wynne

  1. Waaaaaah !  I don’t wanna stop lying and terrorizing !



    Snivelling Terrorists Demand Protection For Lies & Conspiracy



    Let The Enviro-Basterds Feel The Terror Of The Courts !



    It is ironical that Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists are FEIGNING MOCK-OUTRAGE AND MOCK-TERROR over possible CRIMINAL CHARGES. 


    How else can they face the consequences for their SUBVERSION ? 


    These SNIVELLING AND CRYING Environmental-Basterds have themselves created HARM and TERROR against the Professional Lawn Care Industry through their conspiracy to ARBITRARILY PROHIBIT against pest control products used in the Urban Landscape. 




    The DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE of these Environmental-Basterds is itself a form of TERROR against the Professional Lawn Care Industry. 


    As a reward for CONSPIRING FOR ARBITRARY PROHIBITION, these Basterds have acquired some INFAMY, CELEBRITY, and POWER, and have attracted MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to their coffers in the form of GOVERNMENT GRANTS and PUBLIC DONATIONS. 




    They have INFLICTED TERROR, DESPAIR, and DESTITUTION ON THOUSANDS OF HAPLESS VICTIMS throughout the Professional Lawn Care Industry.   http://wp.me/P1jq40-43B  


    These Environmental-Basterds are experts in AVOIDING the consequences of their SUBVERSIVE ACTS OF TERRORISM. 


    These Environmental-Basterds have gone to great lengths to create SHIELD ORGANIZATIONS in order to ensure that NO actions could be attributed to them personally. 


    Additionally, when faced with the consequence of CRIMINAL CHARGES, these SNIVELLING AND CRYING Environmental-Basterds run to the Government Of Ontario for help and support. 


    They are FEIGNING MOCK-OUTRAGE AND MOCK-TERROR that the Government Of Ontario has NOT THEM HELPED ENOUGH, through The Ontario Trillium Foundation ( O.T.F. ). 


    Trillium is a FINANCIAL AGENCY created by the Government Of Ontario and the McGuinty-Regime to PROVIDE VIRTUALLY LIMITLESS FUNDS to Anti-Pesticide and Environmental-Terrorist Organizations !   http://wp.me/P1jq40-2s4  


    It is ironical that Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists could nevertheless defend themselves in court with the millions of dollars acquired from The Ontario Trillium Foundation. 


    It is ironical that Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists, who themselves have terrorized countless numbers of victims, now feel terrorized themselves. 


    Still unrepentant, Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists are SCORNFULLY DEROGATORY and MALICIOUSLY RETALIATORY towards anyone who does not agreed with their dogma. 


    They are Master-Terrorists ! 


    Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists have gone so far as to have people terminated from their employment. 


    They are Master-Terrorists ! 


    Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists have gone so far as to practice CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and HARASSMENT against Professional Lawn Care Companies. 


    These activists are MASTER-TERRORISTS ! 


    Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists have repeatedly claimed that they are the SOLE DISPENSER OF THE WHOLE TRUTH regarding pest control products. 


    And  …  they RETALIATE against any of their detractors. 


    These activists are also INTELLECTUAL-TERRORISTS !


    By challenging the dogma of Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists, it does not mean that you are endangering the future of our planet. 


    What we are dealing with here is not the intellectual superiority of Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists, but rather, INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM ! 


    Intellectual AND Environmental Terrorism ! 


    Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists are MASTERS in the art of TERRORIZING the Professional Lawn Care Industry, as well as the public at large. 


    Here are some examples 


    •   If you use pest control products, people will get cancer. 


    •   If you apply fertilizers, you are polluting the lakes.


    •   If you say that the environmental movement is too alarmist, you don’t give a damn about our planet.


    •   If you water your lawn, there will be no water left for us to drink. 


    •   If you use any insecticide, the birds and bees will die. 


    •   If you use a herbicide, our children will become mutants. 


    •   If you use a fungicide, golfers will die. 


    •   If you use an organic fertilizer, people will die. 


    •   If you don’t support global warming, you condemn us to a horrible death. 


    •   If you do support the return of DDT, you are stupid. 


    •   If you are a professional turf manager simply trying to grow grass, you are an enemy of Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists, and they will hurt and harm your livelihood. 


    Enviro-Lunatic Terrorist-Activists have made an enemy of the Professional Lawn Care Industry. 


    They must now face the consequences for their actions. 


    Unless the Government Of Ontario protects them some more.


    Otherwise, the INDUSTRY WILL STRIKE BACK against Anti-Pesticide Activists.   http://wp.me/P1jq40-2Eu  


    There is NO RECOURSE but OFFICIAL COMPLAINTS AND LITIGATION against these Anti-Pesticide Basterds.   http://wp.me/P1jq40-1PE  


    NORAHG manages a VAST ARCHIVE of REPORTS, MEDIA REFERENCES, AUDIO CLIPS, and VIDEOS on ALL Anti-Pesticide and Environmental-Terrorist ACTS OF SUBVERSION. 


    We know who they are, and where they are hiding, and what they have said and done. 


    We will HOUND THESE VERMIN FOREVER, no matter where they slither off to. 


    LET THESE PEOPLE FEEL THE SPOTLIGHT OF SCRUTINY AND THE TERROR OF THE COURTS !   http://wp.me/p1jq40-33F   http://wp.me/p1jq40-4nj  



    WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G   https://pesticidetruths.com/   http://wp.me/P1jq40-2rr   

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