Youtube: Paul Tukey uses Ohio 47 Student Pesticide Poisoning Media Report – Proof of Pesticide Dangers

Paul Tukey Mistakenly References a Bogus Media Report.  All of his Pesticide Exposure Reports are Bogus. 


"47 Schoolchildren Poisoned in Ohio Offers Evidence That Kids Are Silently Poisoned Every Day"

**** Durango Colorado Council Meeting August 21/2012 – Youtube Video Below – Start Time 7:56 –

**** Start Time 10:56 –  Paul Tukey Brings up Discredited Ontario College of Family Physicians Reports as more proof of Pesticide Toxicity.

**** Start Time 30:08 – Paul Tukey explains how you can use an acetylene torch to burn off weeds in the Playground (wooden) Mulch Area. 

 **** Start Time 14:18 – Paul Tukey talks about the soil food web – Elaine Ingham

Background Information on Elaine Ingham FRAUD here :


Updated Report: It is unlikely that a pesticide application applied by a lawn care company on athletic fields at Edgewood Middle School caused students to become sick, according to a report by an investigator with Ohio Department of Agriculture.