Youtube: Contradictions – Boulder Colorado Green Spaces Garbage Dumps – Durango Colorado won’t make that mistake

Parks and Recreation : Rella Abernathy (member of Beyond Pesticides) IPM Coordinator from Boulder Colorado (May 2012) talks about the success of her Non Toxic Approach to Pesticide Free Green Space.  She Claims Pesticides are linked to Cancer.

Parks and Recreation Director : Cathy Metz from Durango Colorado (Aug 2012) talks about the Garbage Dump Like conditions of Boulder Colorado Green Spaces.

Durango Cost differential of 0.002 cents per square foot  for Organic Fertilizer Products $102,000.00 .

Durango Turf Grass Manual Labor, Dumping Costs for weed debris = $237,000

Durango Cost for Synthetic Weed and Feed Product = $32,000 per year.

Boulder Colorado Facts from Parks and Recreation IPM Coordinator Rella Abernathy.

IPM Program started in 1993

80 Percent weeds in Parks Turf Grass

They Still Apply Pesticides in their open space

Treat Trees as needed with Pesticides

Turf Does not look Good.

Public complaints about Dandelions Blooming in Spring

Lost a significant amount of Turf in Drought of 2002

Metz Says:

I don't think Boulder is an example that we want to follow

I believe we have an opportunity in Durango to set the bar higher.

My and City Managers recommendation to Deny Ordinance.

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