YouTube – 11 Oct 2011 – Park District of Highland Park – Turf Management Program – Chip Osborne Q & A – Go Organic or DIE a TOXIC Death – EPA Failure to Protect

Park District of Highland Park – Turf Management Progam Meeting October 11 / 2011

Highland Park Committee IPM strategy consists of 1 application of Confront Herbicide to reduce weed count.  IPM threshold at %15 of turf cover.

Chip Osborne of Osborne Organics advises Committee of Dangers with EPA approved pesticides and inert igredients.  Recommends hand weeding and compost based products for High End Sports Field within 24 months.  Would not talk costs in public forum.  Takes questions from Committee and Audience.

Audience also comments on use of Confront, most opposed to application of Confront Herbicide based on weak Advocacy group claims.  No real evidence provided by Audience or Chip Osborne.

Rachel Lerner Rosenberg, interestingly, ran her own Organic Lawn Care company for 4 years.  Sunflower Lawncare is now out of business.  She has been Executive Director of Safe Pest Control Project for 10 years and utilizes Chip Osborne for speaking engagements on a regular basis.  Board Members include Kim Stone and  Bill Leuenberger

Michelle Kramer has been very vocal on this issue through local media and social networking.

Save our children and ground water from toxic poison – EPA Approval is Failure to Protect –  reiterated by Chip Osborne and Audience.

Boulder Colorado attempted a pesticide free community in 2010.  Boulder went from a $15,000 a year pesticide program to a staggering $300,000+ a year program with Chip Osbornes help.

1 year later Boulder Colorado reintroduced Roundup (Glyphosate) and is now trying FIESTA (FeHEDTA) Herbicide on city grounds.

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Executive Director of Park District of Highland Park introduction


Chip Osborne – Osborne Organics Adresses Park District of Highland Park Committee


Park District of Highland Park Committee members ask Chip Osborne questions


Audience questions directed at Chip Osborne


Audience Comments to Park District Committee