Audio: Coquitlam BC – Ashley Duyker – Mae Burrows — Lies about Pesticides and Cancer — Listen to their [Secret Evidence] for yourself

Canadian Cancer Society and Toxic Free Canada Lying to the Camera.

 Ashley why did Cancer Society Run Information Forum? DuykerBurrowsCoquitlamPesticideAwareness2009

 Burrows Explains Toxics found in Pesticides: DuykerBurrowsCoquitlamPesticideAwareness2009 – 0

Burrows Says 1 in 3 soccer kids get cancer. 1 in 2.2 Men get Cancer : DuykerBurrowsCoquitlamPesticideAwareness2009 – 1

 Duyker Says Wide Spread Scientific Evidence : DuykerBurrowsCoquitlamPesticideAwareness2009 – 2