July 23, 2024

1 thought on “Educating the Public with LIES and MISINFORMATION – David Suzuki Foundation and Enviro Lawyer Lisa Gue help secure future of Coquitlam Pesticide Ban


    NORAHG Responds To Proposed Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION In The City Of Coquitlam, British Columbia.


     ANY PROHIBITION of pest control products is NOT supported by health and policy experts, and is not supported by local residents.

    According to Dr. Len Ritter, the nation’s LEADING EXPERT in the field of toxicology and pesticide safety, pest control products DO NOT cause cancer, and there is NO increase in cancer deaths in Canada when you consider that the population is aging and increasing.

    The Fraser Institute, one of the top 25 leading think-tanks in the world, has said that the proposed bans ILL-CONCEIVED, and do NOT accurately reflect the current state of scientific knowledge.

    A recent poll conducted by Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association showed that the vast majority of BC residents are OPPOSES to PROHIBITION, and they actually favour the continued use of these products around their homes and in public green spaces.

    Scientific research shows, as reported through Health Canada’s vast toxicology database, that NO harm will occur when pesticides are used according to label directions.

    Nonetheless,  the Coquitlam Town Council may wish to consider providing an EXCEPTION STATUS to ALL CERTIFIED APPLICATORS, including those in the Professional Lawn Care Industry.

    EXCEPTION STATUSES have been adopted in jurisdictions like Kamloops, Kelowna, and Salmon Arm, where Government Officials have left pest control products in the hands of professionally-trained applicators.

    Without EXCEPTION STATUSES, Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION has led to CATASTROPHIC CARNAGE for businesses operating in the Professional Lawn Care Industry.

    Canadian Cancer Society and Toxic Free Canada are Anti-Pesticide Organizations that have been COERCING, INTIMIDATING, and TERRORIZING Coquitlam Government Officials with FEAR-MONGERING and MIS-INFORMATION about pest control products.

    Both are mere FUND-RAISING, PROFIT-SEEKING, and LOBBYING organizations, and NOT a science, research, or health organizations.

    NO ONE within these organizations has ANY recognized expertise, training, or background in matters concerning pest control products.

    According to Anti-Pesticide Councillor and Therapist Selina Robinson, her tenacity on the issue was achieved by « engaging my colleagues in discussion ».

    Selina Robinson, and her buddies Mae Burrows and Ashley Duyker, are Non-Expert Anti-Pesticide Activists who are supported, financially or otherwise, by Canadian Cancer Society and Toxic Free Canada.

    These organizations are FUND-RAISING, LOBBYING, and PROFIT-ACCUMULATING organizations that have NO expertise in science or research.

    AUDIO RECORDING of presentations made by Robinson, Burrows, and Duyker paint a picture of SCREECHING MONKEYS who will SAY ANYTHING TO GET THEIR WAY.

    Robinson's strategy of « engaging » her colleagues basically amounted to COERCING, INTIMIDATING, SCREECHING, and TERRORIZING.

    Robinson and her buddies could DO NOTHING ELSE since NONEOF THEM are COMPETENT to talk about pest control products.

    NORAHG has archived the AUDIO RECORDINGS on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site under the title PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, COQUITLAM, CITY OF  …


    Anti-Pesticide Activists and Government Officials are advised that all names, statements, activities, and affiliations have been ARCHIVED for eventual CRIMINAL CHARGES. 

    When criminal charges for FRAUD and CONSPIRACY are laid, legal experts say that there is sufficient information to lead to a SUCCESSFUL PROSECUTION !

    Moreover, Canadian Cancer Society’s own web-site states that scientific research does NOT provide a conclusive link between pesticides and human cancer.


    Overall, when pest control products are used properly, there are NO harmful irreversible effects to health and the environment !

    There is NOT ONE KNOWN ILLNESS or DEATH from the proper use of pest control products used in the Urban Landscape.

    If/when Coquitlam IMPOSES Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION, it will have done so in DEFIANCE of Health Canada's ASSESSMENTS proving that pest control products are SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE  …  a process that can take up to TEN YEARS and COST HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

    Health Canada, and NOT Coquitlam, and NOT Anti-Pesticide Activists like Robinson, has THE ESSENTIAL EXPERTISE on the subject of pest control products.

    The ultimate winners of this debacle are the Anti-Pesticide Activists themselves.

    Activists operating with Canadian Cancer Society  receive PAY-OFFS in the form of an INCENTIVE OF 2,000 DOLLARS by for the ORGANIZATION of EVERY Anti-Pesticide Forum.

    Anti-Pesticide Activists also receive PAY-OFFS in the form of BONUS OF 1,000 DOLLARS by Canadian Cancer Society FOR EVERY PRESENTATION MADE TO EACH MUNICIPAL TOWN COUNCIL.

    Anti-Pesticide Activists are also paid to make presentations to Government Officials in cities like Coquitlam.

    Ultimately, they will be given a BOUNTY OF 5,000 DOLLARS by Canadian Cancer Society upon SUCCESSFUL PROHIBITION LEGISLATION by City of Coquitlam.

    Perhaps it is time for Coquitlam City Council to DEMAND copies of Selina Robinson's TAX-RECORDS for the last three yeas.

    It is PITIFULLY LUDICROUS to believe that Canadian Cancer Society is somehow concerned about health and the environment.

    Canadian Cancer Society COULD NOT CARE LESS about health and the environment.


    Canadian Cancer Society is operated by a handful of Non-Expert Fund-Raisers who are PAID-FOR-PROFIT as SUBVERSIVE Anti-Pesticide LOBBYISTS.

    Canadian Cancer Society has a HUGE VESTED INTEREST IN PERPETUATING the IMAGINARY DANGER of pest control products. 

    Doing this attracts HUGE SUMS OF PROFIT.



    For more information about COQUITLAM, go to the following web-page  …



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    NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry.


    NORAHG is a NATIONAL NON PROFIT NON PARTISAN organization that does not accept money from corporations or governments or trade associations, and represents NO VESTED INTERESTS WHATSOEVER.

     NORAHG is dedicated to reporting the work of RESPECTED and HIGHLY RATED EXPERTS who promote ENVIRONMENTAL REALISM and PESTICIDE TRUTHS.


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