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The Media History Of Kelowna & Its Conspiracy To Impose Reckless & Arbitrary Prohibition Against Pest Control Products

The Purpose Of This Web-Page Is To Provide Information That Will Lead To Successful Complaints & Litigation Against The City Of Kelowna, British Columbia

The Sound Uttered By Professional Lawn Care Businesses When They Hear About Anti-Pesticide Prohibition In The City Of Kelowna  –


Kelowna, British Columbia

Kelowna is a city located in the Interior Region of British Columbia, Canada, and ranks as the 22nd largest metropolitan area in Canada.

Its name derives from a native term for « grizzly bear ».

There are roughly 100,000 people residing in Kelowna, and almost 150,000 people residing in the Greater Kelowna Area.

Anti-Pesticide Acts Of Subversion

The City of Kelowna is INFESTED with Anti-Pesticide Activists.

Several Elected Officials and Civil Servants have attempted to convert Kelowna into an Instrument of Prohibition through COERCION, INTIMIDATION, and TERRЖRISM !

The goal of theses Anti-Pesticide Activists is a transfer of PROFIT to their Anti-Pesticide Organizations and themselves.

In other words, they WANT TO BE RICH MILLIONAIRES !

Another goal of the Anti-Pesticide Activists is the forfeiture of social power to the Anti-Pesticide and Environmental Movement.

In other words, these lunatжcs WANT POLITICAL POWER !

The City of Kelowna has afforded lunatжcs with both the opportunities for Enviro-Power and Enviro-Profit !

GREEDY and AVARICIOUS Anti-Pesticide Government Officials have used the City of Kelowna to attract MORE MEMBERS, MORE DONATIONS, and MORE PROFIT to their Anti-Pesticide Organizations.

They have done so by SCAMMING THE PUBLIC with the CONCOCTION of FRAUDULENT LIES and NON-EXISTENT DANGER concerning conventional pest control products.

Anti-Pesticide Prohibition

Beginning in 2009, the City of Kelowna regulated the use of pest control products that were ARBITRARILY deemed as « non-essential ».

This included the maintenance of outdoor flowers, lawns, trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants, as well as hard surfaces such as driveways.

Home-owners in Kelowna were COERCED into accepting the PROHIBITION of pest control products that are, in fact, HEALTH-CANADA-APPROVED, FEDERALLY-LEGAL, SCIENTIFICALLY-SAFE, and PRACTICALLY-NON-TOXIC.

The Professional Lawn Care and Golf Industries were EXCEPTED from the PROHIBITION, FOR NOW !

Green Alternative Pesticides

The Anti-Pesticide Activists within the City of Kelowna have been UNSCRUPULOUS and INDISCREET in their BLATANT ENDORSEMENTS of so-called Green Alternatives found in retail stores.

It is a fact that VIRTUALLY ALL Green Alternatives are BOGUS, and have negatives ranging from almost TOTAL INEFFECTIVENESS except under very specific circumstances, to a question about their TOXICITY.

Many of these BOGUS Green Alternatives are SOLD-FOR-PROFIT by the Anti-Pesticide Organizations themselves.

The Anti-Pesticide Councillors of the City of Kelowna have even advertised books SOLD-FOR-PROFIT by their Enviro-Colleagues.

Additionally, the Anti-Pesticide Councillors of the City of Kelowna SQUANDERED the TAX-PAYERS’ MONEY and actually PAID-FOR-PROFIT their Enviro-Colleagues for the services of « hired guns » to help them impose their NEEDLESS, SENSELESS, and MALICIOUS LIFE-STYLE CHOICES, that include the home-owner PROHIBITION of pest control products.

Anti-Pesticide Organizations

The services of the following GREEDY and AVARICIOUS Anti-Pesticide Organizations were retained by Kelowna   ―   Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, and Labour Environmental Alliance Society ( a.k.a. Toxic Free Canada ).

Angela Reid

The MOST PROMINENT Anti-Pesticide Councillor in Kelowna has been Angela Reid, with her known ties with the Anti-Pesticide Organization called Green Party.

Reid is Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) of Kelowna Federal Green Party.

She was Deputy Leader of Green Party of British Columbia ( 2007 – 2009 ), and Director of Green Party of Canada Federal Council ( 2006 – 2007 ).

Her activities with RADICAL and SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES places her in a severe conflict-of-interest with her role as a City Councillor.   She is clearly placing the Anti-Pesticide Policies of Green Party ahead of the City of Kelowna.

Furthermore, Reid has NO recognized expertise, training, or background, in matters concerning pest control products.

Overall, the opinions expressed by Reid on these matters are VALUELESS and WORTHLESS.

Canadian EarthCare

In addition to Green Party, another Anti-Pesticide Organization that operates in the Greater Kelowna Area is Canadian EarthCare, which is simply a little alternative-life-style club with Enviro-Lunatжcs that crave some fame, celebrity, money, and a bit of power.

Canadian EarthCare formerly had the cutesy title of C.O.M.A., an acronym for Citizens Opposed to Malathion Applications.  ( Comatose Enviro-Lunatжcs ?  ─  Who knew ?!?!  ) 

It has an alliance with Okanagan Wildlife Recovery Centre ( O.W.R.C. ).

NOT A SINGLE LUNATIC within Canadian EarthCare has ANY recognized expertise, training, or background, in matters concerning pest control products.

Overall, the opinions originating from this little club of maniacs are VALUELESS and WORTHLESS.

Men’s VICTORY Over the Women

It has long been established that those who CONSPIRE to PROHIBIT pest control products are MOSTLY WOMEN.

On March 29th, 2010, Kelowna Councillors considered how to handle landscape medians on Highway 97.

In 2009, WorkSafe BC had deemed their maintenance practices unsafe for workers, and civic staff is currently working on a new median design to address those concerns.

In the meantime, staff suggested getting a licensed applicator to spray herbicides to control the weeds  ─  a move that would be permitted under the City’s Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw.

But City Councillor Angela Reid was strongly opposed  ―

There’s no filtration on the roads for run-off.  It’s going straight into our lake when it rains or when the streets are washed.  The water goes straight into our lakes without any real treatment.  [  Wrong !  ]

City Councillor Michele Rule agreed  ―

We want the boulevards to look nice, and we want our workers to be safe.  But we want our workers to stay safe.  Angela’s exactly right  ─  we’re supposed to be the leaders in this.

Mayor Sharon Shepherd chimed in, saying  …

I would not agree with the cosmetic use of herbicides on the medians.  We tell the community that they can’t do that – we’re encouraging them to not.  I agree with the Councillors that say we should be leaders in this.

But the male Council members defeated them with a 5-3 vote.

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