Meg Sears | Now a Smartmeter Expert | Citizens for Safe Technology Society vs BC Hydro

[171] The request of the Complainants for costs is rejected. The Code  allows  the Tribunal to award costs only where a party has engaged in improper conduct during the course of the complaint and certain specified additional circumstances not applicable in this case, s. 37(4)). The purposes relied on by the Complainants are not a basis for an award of costs.


[172]   The application to dismiss the Complaint pursuant to s. 27(1)(c) of the Code is granted. The Complaint is dismissed.


Citizens for Safe Technology Society and Citizens for Safe Technology Society on behalf of Una St. Clair and others (“CSTS”) filed a representative complaint alleging BC Hydro and Power Authority (“B.C. Hydro”) discriminated against them on the basis of a physical disability by requiring the members of the represented class to receive a wireless smart meter despite objection and without the choice to opt out (the “Complaint”). 

One of their people said that our bodies emit more radiation that does a smart meter and the BCUC accepted that while rejecting testimony from world-renowned experts like Dr. Martin Blank, Dr. Isaac Jamieson and Dr. Meg Sears

BC Human Rights Tribunal Rejects Class Action Against Smart Meters