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Meg Sears is an expert at Emerald Ash Borer in Ottawa, expert at cosmetic pesticides(lost child) in Ontario, expert at smart meters in Britsh Columbia, an expert at Oilsands Dangers in Alberta, an Expert in Radio Frequency Emissions in Toronto

but Meg Sears is in need of HELP keeping Wildlife out of her ORGANIC Vegetable Garden.  

This woman lost her child at a very young age.

She blames the local Golf Course.

An Expert Bibliographer cannot conjure up a couple University Extension Best Management Techniques for Deer Exclusion.

Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3

 She calls out to her friends in Dunrobin? 

Can you hear "Please Feel Sorry For Me", may be it's just me.

Not all her friends in Dunrobin see it her way:  Ask Alan Davidson!

From: alan davidson <datacommguy2001@…>

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> >CC: Meg Sears <meg_sears@…>,

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> >Subject: Pesticides on Ottawa sports fields

> >Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 07:51:12 -0700 (PDT)

> >

> >As always there are two different points of view on

> >this subject, and I happen to take the opposite

> one.

> >In our community, and on display for all to see at

> >this weekends West Carleton Soccer Association

> >Tournament at West Carleton High School are two

> >minisoccer fields being used all weekend for

> Under-9

> >and Under-11 matches. These are the two fields

> >adjacent to each other furthest away from the

> school

> >buildings. These two fields are excellent examples

> of

> >what happens to soccer fields when adequate

> >maintenance is not done. I suggest as many as

> possible

> >stop by at WCHS this weekend, support the Dunrobin

> >Scouts fundraising refreshment area and have good

> lok

> >at these two soccer fields.

> >

> >These two soccer fields have completely bare areas

> in

> >front of the goals extending to other areas of the

> >fields. There is little grass cover now after an

> >extended period of neglect, which has considerably

> >worsened in the last two years. Much of the thin

> >ground cover is weeds. These fields are usually

> rock

> >hard unless there has been very recent rain.

> >Goalkeepers cannot safely dive at all to save shots

> on

> >the rock hard grassless areas in front of goal.

> >

> >I'd like to see sports fields being maintained so

> that

> >they all remain in operation, since there is

> >increasing demand for sports fields, especially

> soccer

> >fields. I'm sure this applies across the City of

> >Ottawa in all communities. If this requires some

> > use of pesticides to perform adequate maintenance to

> keep

> >fields in a playable condition, I for one would

> rather

> >have this than sports fields degenerate further and

> >have to be taken out of action.

> >

> >Would you really prefer to see declining numbers of

> >available fields for children's sports teams?

> >

> >Alan Davidson



deer fence suggestions, help pls

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  • Meg Sears
    Sep 23 2:14 PM



    We have too many deer fattening up for the winter on our organic veggies! 
    They are even eating Jerusalem artichoke plants and squash vines (after 
    polishing off the fruit). A deer can eat an entire large pumpkin. Every 
    year they add more previously-spurned plants to their diet. If only the 
    kids were so brave in trying new things:)

    What have people done to defend gardens from deer?

    We would like to build (have built) a fence. It will be a little over 100 
    m. Anyone with recommendations about design and materials, someone to take 
    this on?


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