Unbelievable | Ontario BeeKeepers Association | Say NO! to |Bee Health and Welfare Act |

A Beekeepers Association that doesn't really care about their bees?  Really?

Dan Davidson wants farmers to apply for a permit to apply pesticides to the farmers crops, but feels perfectly fine with Beekeepers applying pesticides to their own bees with no permit requirements. 

Does the OBA care about bee health?

Imagine a Concerned Citizens HotLine (Animal & Bee Welfare Act) informing the Ministry and Humane Society of Abusive Bee Keepers poisoning their own bees with Toxic Pesticides.

Why would the Ontario Beekeepers Association stand against Bee Health & Safety. 


According to their media release STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS SUMMARY 2013 – 2018 it says:

THREATS (Things we need to offset)

• Limited reach among small beekeepers and therefore
limited access among them to current best practices
could result in more prevalent diseases and pests.

Repeal of the Ontario Bees Act to one that folds bees
into the Animal Health and Welfare Act could result in
less responsive legislation for bees.

• The on-going issue of pesticide-linked poisonings
requires a strong policy and spokesperson to work with
the media.

• Continued decrease in the Provincial Apiarist’s role
could reduce his effectiveness.

CHC (Canadian Honey Council) does not always reflect Ontario’s priorities.

• OMAFRA seems to be increasing its regulatory focus at
the expense of extension, research facilitation and
industry resourcing.