Premier Looks to Federal Government for Science Based Decision |Ontario Bee Health Working Group Final Report | March 2014 |

Wynne said the province will "continue to look to the federal government, the regulator of pesticides in Canada, to provide evidence-based direction on a national approach to neonicotinoid use."

Although large bee die-offs have been observed in Ontario apiaries, they are not occurring uniformly across all operations or areas of the province – many beekeeping operations have not been affected and have been able to maintain strong and healthy bee colonies as evidenced by hive strength and honey production

Why didn't the Province of Ontario look to the Federal Government when they decided to ban Lawn Pesticides??

Why are they thinking about compensating Ontario Bee Keepers that are desperate to control their mite and virus problems, laying blame to the same group that will eventually provide them with the solution?  The Pesticide Industry!

Why was there no compensation for the Ontario Lawn Care Sector when they banned Pesticides with no proof of Health or Environmental benefits.

The only Growing Body of Evidence is that these Extreme Activists need to have their tax payer funding cut off.

Ontario is becoming a Garbage Dump Province on the verge of bankruptcy.

Down with the Ontario Bee Keepers Association

Down with the Canadian Cancer Society

Down with Gideon Forman (CAPE)

Down with Rick Smith (Environmental Defense)

Down with John Bennett/David Miller (Sierra Club)

Down with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (Dale Henry)

The true face behind the Sun Setting of the Lawn Care Industry John Gerretsen (Ex Minister of the Environment)