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Weed Control? You Make the Choice

Let’s face it… nobody likes weeds. The Selinger government wants to take away your choice in how you care for your property by banning safe, effective and economical weed control. Many Manitoba homeowners, cities and municipalities will no longer be able to keep their weeds under control.

Bill 55 will restrict your right to choose safe, Health Canada approved products for controlling weeds and other pests.

This legislation will only serve to increase how much homeowners pay to protect their green spaces and is a waste of your tax dollars. Tell your Manitoba Political Leaders NO DANDELIONS PLEASE! You want a choice, not a ban.

If you haven’t already seen it, you can find a copy of Bill 55 here.

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Premier Greg Selinger,
PC Leader Brian Pallister,
Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari,

I DO NOT support Bill 55, a ban on lawn weed control, because:

  • I want the right to choose how I control dandelions and other pests on my property.
  • I feel that Manitoba’s parks, sports fields and natural spaces encourage physical activity and I do not want them to deteriorate due to weeds, insects or disease.
  • Health Canada has provided more than adequate due diligence to protect me and my family. Search “Healthy Lawns” on the Health Canada website for more information.
  • I believe that a well-maintained landscape promotes well-being and a sense of community pride.
  • I do not want my property value to decline due to uncontrollable weeds, insects or disease.
  • I do not want to be forced to pay more to use products that are more expensive and less effective.
  • I do not want the government of Manitoba to waste my tax dollars by using products on our public green spaces that are far more expensive and less effective.
  • I do not want a small but vocal activist group to speak for me.

I would appreciate a response regarding how you intend to ensure my right as a homeowner and citizen to use Health Canada approved products on my private property will be protected.

via No Dandelions Please.