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Charbonneau was instrumental in the Ontario Pesticide Ban, relying on her (lack of) expertise she helped Ontario Ban Health Canada Approved Pesticides in favor of Alternative, Natural and as she said "Just as effective with 1 Application of Fiesta."

First she said 1 application of Fiesta was only required (2009)

Second she said 2 applications were required (2010)

Third she is saying 3 applications are required. (2011)

Now it's 4 Applications of Fiesta (2014)


Then she posts, I also think the decreased efficacy and cost of available weed control products is also starting to have an impact on dandelion populations as well.


Kick her to the curb.

We've been told she was a back stabbing lunatic student at the U of G.  Good to see she has not changed.


A sea of yellow


Dandelions in full bloom




Dandelions in full bloom




Dandelions have been in full bloom in the Guelph area since the Victoria Day holiday weekend and all that is about to end. This time of year you can get a really good idea of how high dandelion populations are in turf areas. Guelph is a sea of yellow soon to become a sea of white puff balls. Our dandelion populations are very high to say the least. The good thing is that once those bright yellow flowers are gone, a turf stand that is heavily infested with dandelions doesn’t look nearly as bad.


That being said, now is a good time to apply Fiesta applications. Our research has shown that the 200 mL rate applied four times a year as per the label controls many common species of broadleaf weeds in turf. It may take a couple of seasons of Fiesta use to reduce the weed populations down to levels below 5-10% weed cover. Remember that Fiesta alone will not keep a lawn weed free. Proper fertilization, frequent mowing at the correct mowing height and irrigation during dry periods are all important cultural practices that help keep weed populations at bay. Research conducted here at GTI in the early 2000′s showed that we could control weeds in passive turf areas simply by providing adequate nitrogen for optimum turf growth throughout the season.

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  1. It seems to me that the dandelion populations this spring are higher than normal. Maybe that is due to the decreased efficacy of the available weed control products currently available in Ontario. But, I also wonder if the wet conditions last summer & fall resulted in more favourable conditions for dandelion germination. And we are seeing the results of that weather in the “see” of yellow.




    • Good question! Weed seeds need seed to soil contact, so there needs to be a gap in the turf and they do need moisture. Are we seeing the result of the dry year (2012) which created the thin turf allowing for seed to soil contact and dandelion germination and then the wet 2013 which gave ideal conditions for those weeds to thrive? I also think the decreased efficacy and cost of available weed control products is also starting to have an impact on dandelion populations as well.