Illegal FIESTA Pesticide Usage – University of Guleph – Pam Charbonneau – Why read the label when we can make it up?

As of today there is nowhere in the PMRA Documentation that says using Fiesta 4 times a year is according to label directions.

Charbonneau has gone from 1 Application required (in order to get the pesticide ban in place and offer an alternative) to now 4 applications of Fiesta.

The label of course has always said 2 Applications per year only.

The Manufacturers Website Fiesta



It is an Offence under the Pesticides Act to use a product inconsistent with label directions.  LETS TAKE HER TO TASK LINDA MCINTOSH of the PRMA. Linda can be reached at 416-952-7101 COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN.


This is what Pam Charbonneau is suggesting for FIESTA herbicide treatments in ONTARIO.

There is no need to panic about applying the post-emergence herbicide Fiesta. It works best on a broad spectrum of weeds if two applications are made in the spring and then two in the fall.


Here is what the PMRA and Neudorff the maker of FIESTA says about using Pesticides and Label Requirements:






Here is what they say about Label Directions and how many applications per season:




Here is the Label Title and Date of issue: