NORAHG Responds To The Lumby Conspiracy To Impose Reckless & Arbitrary Prohibition Against Pest Control Products Used In The Urban Landscape – No One In Lumby Wants This #@!!% Dangerous Ban Nonsense That Places Children At Risk ! – 2014 05 09

Lumby, British Columbia 2-28




Pesticide Ban Sought For Parks


May 9th, 2014

Lumby Morning Star

Village Of Lumby, British Columbia

 ( Located Near City Of Vernon )

Selected And Adapted Excerpts


Lumby is a small community of over 1,700 located at the north-east corner of the Okanagan Valley, near the City of Vernon, in British Columbia.

It is mainly a logging, manufacturing, and agricultural community.

A Lumby politician will not be deterred in her fight against cosmetic pesticides.

Lumby City Council has tabled a decision on possibly BANNING PESTICIDES in parks, but Councilor Jo Anne Fisher insists there is a need for action to ensure public health.  [ WRONG ! ]

«  I know spraying is a last resort ( by village staff ) but we need to go one step further and not use them  »  she said.  [ ?!?! ]

«  I’m hearing a groundswell in the community, and particularly from families, that didn’t know we sprayed  ».

The issue arose after a presentation from resident Marianne Butler and the CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY  [  an anti-pesticide organization that is interfering in partisan politics and public policy, and hence, is in violation of taxation and election laws  ].

«  There are chemicals linked to cancer, especially with young children  »  said Butler, a mother of three.  [ WRONG ! ]

«  There’s also an environmental impact from spraying pesticides.  »  [ WRONG ! ]

Fisher made a motion calling for a BAN ON PESTICIDES in parks, but there was not a seconder, and THE MOTION DIED ON THE FLOOR.

A second motion was then made INSTRUCTING VILLAGE STAFF NOT TO USE [ SAFE AND EFFECTIVE ] COSMETIC PESTICIDES, but the discussion was DEFERRED to another meeting.

Fisher doesn’t believe public concerns about pesticides and health will go away.

«  When a representative from the Canadian Cancer Society presents to us, we need to pay attention to that  »  she said.  [ WRONG ! ]

[  In fact, Canadian Cancer Society has officially and publicly stated repeatedly that scientific research does not provide a conclusive link between pest control products and cancer, on the following dates   •   August 21st, 2008   •   November 2nd, 2009   •   March 8th, 2010   •   June 9th, 2012   •   January 29th, 2013   What is their problem ?!?!?!  Why is Canadian Cancer Society wasting everybody’s time on the issue of pest control products ?  Moreover, Canadian Cancer Society has no credible expertise.  It is a fund-raising, profit-seeking, and lobbying organization, and it is not a science, research, or health organization.  ]

However, others on council defend the move to defer the debate.

«  We want to look at what the provincial government has done with the integrated pest management program  »  said Councilor Lori Mindnich.

Butler supports further investigation by council.

«  As a member of the village, I’m happy they want to get information before making a snap judgment  »  she said.


«  Staff already works hard not to use them.  It’s only in extreme cases where they may be used  »  she said.

«  If you tie their ( staff ) hands and they can’t take care of a problem, what do they do ?  In the school yard, RED ANTS REALLY ARE NOT FUN.  »

Mayor Kevin Acton also agrees that there may be cases where chemical use is necessary.

«  None of us want to use pesticides or do anything possibly bad for us, but WE DON’T WANT KIDS CRAWLING ON THE GROUND AND GETTING POKED BY THISTLES  »  he said.

The Lumby School District does not use cosmetic pesticides on school grounds in Lumby, [ and consequently, the school grounds are dangerous and pest-infested garbage dumps ].







Have the people of Lumby forgotten the PESTICIDE BAN FAILURES in Vernon since 2009 ?!?!  Have the people of Lumby forgotten the PROBLEM OF WEEDS that surfaced after Coldstream banned the use of pest control products in 2009 ?!?!  Without the use of conventional pest control products, municipal employees had to RESORT to the BACK-BREAKING AND AGONIZING JOB OF WEED PULLING BY HAND USING HOES !  The professional labour force was DEVALORIZED into a group of MERE COTTON-PICKERS.  While weed-picking was used initially to control weeds, clearly no professionally-trained municipal employee wanted to continue with this form of manual labour.  Not surprisingly, Coldstream parks became OVER-RUN BY WEEDS, and NEEDED TO BE TOTALLY RENOVATED.  Moreover, a baseball diamond HAD TO BE COMPLETELY RENOVATED with re-surfacing and new shale.  The regional district of North Okanagan SPENT 3,000 DOLLARS to bring the baseball diamond up to standard since THE WEEDS LEFT IT IN AN UNUSABLE CONDITION FOR PLAYING SAFELY.   With a pesticide ban, residents in Lumby can EXPECT GREEN SPACES THAT ARE PEST-INFESTED DANGEROUS GARBAGE DUMPS.   With a pesticide ban, Lumby’s playing surfaces WILL BECOME THIN AND YELLOW, and OVER-RUN WITH WEEDS AND INFESTED WITH INSECTS, resulting in the DISMAL DESTRUCTION OF SAFE TURF PLAYING SURFACES.  With a pesticide ban, residents in Lumby can expect HAZARDOUS SLIPPING AND TRIPPING CONDITIONS IN SPORTS TURF, and CHILDREN BECOME SERIOUSLY HURT.  PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS ACTUALLY PREVENT SLIPPING INJURIES ON SPORTS TURF.   Lumby’s children NEED PEST-FREE SPORTS FIELDS to avoid falling and hurting themselves.  It will be IMPOSSIBLE for Lumby’s home-owners or professionals to keep their properties beautiful by using so-called green alternative pesticides and practices.   There are NO viable, efficacious, economical, or low-risk alternatives to replace conventional pest control products.  Green alternative pesticides are bogus and dismal failures  ―  they DO NOT WORK and they are NOT INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS.   By definition, ALTERNATIVES ARE INFERIOR, which is why they did win the market-place originally   When it comes to pesticide bans, Lumby officials need to think twice about banning pesticides by looking at the experience of those jurisdictions that have SUFFERED THE HARDSHIP AND STUNNINGLY EXORBITANT COSTS OF THIS #@!!% NONSENSE !   WHO CAN AFFORD THIS #@!!% BAN NONSENSE ?!?!  In fact, THERE ARE REAL TRENDS AGAINST BANS.  CHILDREN NEED PEST-FREE TURF TO AVOID HURTING THEMSELVES.  There are dozens of jurisdictions that have KEPT CHILDREN SAFE by stopping or rescinding or limiting anti-pesticide prohibition, or by granting professional lawn care businesses with an exception status.  THE TREND AGAINST BANS HAS CONTINUED AGAIN AND AGAIN.  NO ONE WANTS THIS #@!!% DANGEROUS BAN NONSENSE THAT PLACES CHILDREN AT RISK !  The following jurisdiction HAVE KEPT CHILDREN SAFE  ―  Alberta ( Province ), Altona ( Manitoba ), Ashland ( Oregon ), Beaumont ( Alberta ), Belleville ( Ontario ), British Columbia ( Province ), Calgary ( Alberta ), Campbell River ( British Columbia ), Chicago ( Illinois ), Durango ( Colorado ), Edmonton ( Alberta ), Everett ( Washington ), Guelph ( Ontario ), Guelph-Eramosa ( Ontario ), Kamloops ( British Columbia ), Kelowna ( British Columbia ), Merritt ( British Columbia ), New Brunswick ( Province ), Newfoundland & Labrador ( Province ), Ogunquit ( Maine ), Port Alberni ( British Columbia ), Portage La Prairie ( Manitoba ), Quebec ( Prohibition Invalidated When Lawsuit Defeated Ban ), Regina ( Saskatchewan ), Rossland ( British Columbia ), Salmon Arm ( British Columbia ), Scarborough ( Maine ), Saint John’s ( Newfoundland & Labrador ), Steinbach ( Manitoba ), Stuartburn ( Manitoba), Vernon ( British Columbia ), Winkler ( Manitoba ).  THE TRENDS AGAINST PESTICIDE BANS CONTINUE.   NO ONE CAN AFFORD THIS #@!!% NONSENSE !  WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G   



Lumby, British Columbia 1-2






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