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Pesticide complaints

Re: your Feb. 3 article, “Dust-up rises over pesticides”:

Reading the article made me sick, too, but not for the reasons alleged by some Somis residents.

After re-reading the article, it became clear that a bunch of Somis people were really more concerned they were no longer viewing rows of lemon orchards and enjoying the sweet smell of roses from nurseries gone broke.

So with plenty of time on their hands and no doubt chatting back and forth via emails, phone calls and social gathering, it was time to take on the farmer who changed the landscape. They don't like the lesser view of rows of white "hoop houses.”

So to create grief for the farmer, unsubstantiated allegations that legally approved and applied pesticides became their hue and cry. So, they are pressuring Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner Henry Gonzales and the

Board of Supervisors in an attempt to rid their landscape of berry farmers.

Historically, Ventura County has been known for its agricultural production. However, when people have chosen to move close to an agricultural operation, the first thing they want to do it complain.

They've found the easiest complaint of all is to allege they are sick because of a farmer applying pesticides to a crop. They know ahead of time they don't have to produce evidence to back up their allegations.

Just talk it up among neighbors, get the press involved, threaten a lawsuit and watch the snowball grow. Somis residents, show me evidence.

– Fred Baskin,



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