June 24, 2024

1 thought on “Triangle Lake – Pesticide Exposure 2,4-D – What Activists do when fearmongering doesn’t work.


    NORAHG Responds to FALSE ALLEGATIONS Regarding Children and Pest Control Products.



    Children Are NOT At Risk


    ALLEGATIONS about the IMAGINARY DANGER of pest control products are TOTALLY FALSE, and are UNTRUE MIS-REPRESENTATIONS designed to ALARM AND ENRAGE the public for MONEY AND PROFIT given to Anti-Pesticide Organizations.


    What DANGER !?!?


    MYTH  ―  Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION will somehow eliminate a danger to children.


    This is WRONG !


    Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION imposed under the PRETEXT of protecting children’s health is WRONG !


    There are NO valid reports of pest control product problems with children.


    Anti-Pesticide Activists ALLEGE that children are somehow MORE vulnerable to pest control products.


    This is a MYTH !


    Anti-Pesticide Activists are DESPICABLE in their use of CHILDREN as WEAPONS OF COERCION and ULTIMATE TERROR in order to promote Anti-Pesticide PROHIBITION.


    Non-Expert Anti-Pesticide Activists are GREATLY MISTAKEN by ALLEGING that, as a result of the PROHIBITION of pest control products, fewer children will be exposed to some IMAGINARY DANGER.


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    NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry.


    NORAHG is dedicated to reporting the work of RESPECTED and HIGHLY RATED EXPERTS who promote ENVIRONMENTAL REALISM and PESTICIDE TRUTHS.




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