Letter to the Editor : BC Doctor Says: Pesticides needed against invasive species

Re: "Science, not fear, should guide pesticide debate," April 27

The excellent article about pesticides points out a need to control invasive plants which destroy native habitat and biodiversity. Invasives reduce the abundance of native plants in this area's parks, open spaces, Garry oak meadows, streamsides and rights of way. In the absence of enough volunteers, there is insufficient money in any municipal budget to reverse this destruction.

Herbicides are a necessary adjunct to an integrated pest management strategy. There is no causal relationship between the use of pest management regulatory authority-approved herbicides and human cancer.

The anti-pesticide juggernaut is in motion and rolling on. Too bad that decisions are based upon opinions and perceptions supplied to politicians in the absence of scientific evidence.

Herbicide buyers can read labels. They are easy to follow. I personally trust Health Canada, which receives scientifically researched advice from toxicologists and epidemiologists.

It's time Big Brother CRD stopped listening and giving credence to the vociferous phobics and took a second look at the unanticipated consequences of their pesticide policy. We owe a legacy to preserve endangered native ecosystems for those who come after us. Science can provide the knowledge and cost-effective means.

Doug Critchley, MD




Pesticides needed against invasive species.



Dr. David Douglas Critchley:

RCPSC – Pediatrics

Licensed for Practice

M.D. – 1987 – Queen's (Canada)