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Where are the ORGANIC Daffodils??????????????

Cancer Society says : Organic Lawns are possible, but we have no Organic Daffodils to sell you.

Canadian Cancer Society Lies and Lies and Lies….. 

FACT: Daffodils are grown with pesticide on them.  The pesticide is not used on the Yellow Flower but is used on the Green Stem and the Soil until the plant flowers.  Treatment of daffodil (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) bulbs in a 0.37% formaldehyde water solution at 44 C for 240 minutes is a standard practice for management of the stem and bulb nematode.

By NICOLE RIVA, Examiner City Editor

Posted 21 days ago

The local Canadian Cancer Society has stopped selling live daffodil flowers for its annual Daffodil Days campaign.

The bright yellow flowers are being replaced with a daffodil pin, said Anita Record, unit manager of the Peterborough and District Canadian Cancer Society.

Record said there were various reasons for making changes to the campaign.

A key reason, Record said, is that the flowers are extremely expensive. Parly because the flowers are grown in British Columbia, which means weather and transportation costs are big factors.

"And ensuring the flowers are going to stay fresh, there's a lot involved," she said.

The switch to pins is also in line with the Canadian Cancer Society's concerns about the use of pesticides, Record said.

"Daffodil growers do not use pesticides in the flowers, but they do on the ground," she said. "It is one of our issues to eliminate pesticides."

Peterborough's unit decided to only sell pins starting this year, Record said, while other units will sell flowers and some will sell both flowers and pins.

"Next year they're all selling pins," she said.

Unlike flowers, the pin won't wilt and die in a few days but Record didn't think the change to a pin would impact fundraising.

"It's one of those things, people will hopefully wear it for the month and next year they will participate again," she said. "Hopefully everyone will wear that pin in support of the Canadian Cancer Society."

The pins will be distributed during Daffodil Days on March 31, April 1 and 2 at various locations around Peterborough. Businesses looking to sell the pins should contact Carole Damainy at 705-742-3823.

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