Lawn Savers – Toronto – 4 Applications of Fiesta Herbicide “Great Results 2010”


Lawn Savers in Toronto, Ontario is offering 4 (Natural) Fiesta Herbicide Treatments.  Their website indicated great results with 4 applications in 2010.

"Our methods embrace opportunities & developments in plant health care, naturally allowing us to focus on environmentally sustainable ways to create healthy lawns & trees for a greener environment. (INCLUDING NEW FIESTA Weed Control)"

Natural Weed Management** 4 scheduled treatments thru the Summer & Fall (using Fiesta!) Great results in 2010                 [2 Applications Only Allowed]

Perimeter Insect Control gets rid of pesky insects like earwigs and ants trying to invade your home from the outside.

Vegetation Control controls unwanted vegetation growing on your patio, driveway or walkways down to the root! [THIS STATEMENT IS NOT TRUE]

Total weed and crabgrass control is neither reasonable nor practical to expect under new laws.

We do NOT guarantee a weed free lawn

For your convenience, service continues from season to season, from year to year, [Lifetime contract unless you cancel]

(Owner Kyle Tobin, the Co Chair of the Landscape Ontario Commodities Group.  Lawn Savers was involved with Sarritor.)

The label on Fiesta Herbicide allows a maximum of 2 applications per year.


 Use Precautions: Do not apply to drought stressed grass; ensure lawn is well watered prior to application. Do not apply when the daytime temperature

will exceed 30o C. Do not apply to bentgrass. If unsure of grass sensitivity, test spray a small area of your lawn. Apply to established turf only. Do not apply

to newly seeded areas or to turf generated from seed and that is less than one year old. Avoid spraying desirable plants. Any desirable plants or structures

accidentally contacted should be rinsed with water. To avoid staining, wait until treated area dries before re-entry. Do not apply if rainfall is expected within

3 hours of application. Do not irrigate within 3 hours of application. Do not apply more than 2 times per year. DO NOT contaminate irrigation or drinking

water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.