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A Kingston lawn care company and its manager have been convicted of using banned pesticides in Kingston and Belleville.

Nutri-Lawn Kingston and Robert Baxby were both convicted of four violations under the Pesticides Act for using a prohibited Class 9 Pesticide for cosmetic use and failing to post signs according to regulations. Ontario Court heard the environment ministry got a complaint in August of last year about company trucks and employees applying chemicals to control weeds at a site in Kingston, leaving a strong odour, but no signs were posted.


The environment ministry also got several complaints in October, 2009, about employees using a mixture in a spray tank at a site in Belleville. No signs were erected to warn of the spraying and the samples taken from the tank confirmed high concentrations in the Class 9 category and a banned substance. The company was fined almost $10,500 dollars on two charges, plus a victim fine surcharge, and was given 12 months to pay the fines

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