May 20, 2024

The Wisdom of Ames

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Before Listening To False-Allegations About Pest Control Products, The Reader Should Consider The Following  …

Dr Bruce Nathan Ames is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, is one of the MOST CELEBRATED SCIENTISTS IN THE WORLD today.  He is a doctorate-level expert and world leading scientific expert in the field of cancer and aging, and one of the most-cited scientists in all fields.  Dr Ames, for many years, was a senior staff member at the University of California, Berkeley, and was the developer of the Ames Test, a process widely used for evaluating the mutagenicity ( which may then indicate the carcinogenicity ) of a chemical.  Besides numerous other awards, Dr Ames is the recipient of the US National Medal of Science.

Although Dr Ames acknowledges that some synthetic substances are dangerous, he now believes that man-made pollutants are generally INSIGNIFICANT RISKS to the public.  Dr Ames bases this not merely on his own results, but on statistics showing that the proliferation of synthetic chemicals in the past 30 to 40 years HAS NOT MARKEDLY INCREASED THE OVERALL U.S. CANCER RATE.  Dr Ames has also stated that IN ONE WEEK, an average person digests MORE NATURAL CHEMICALS on a diet of vegetables than IN A LIFE-TIME of EXPOSURE to synthetic pest control products.  Dr Ames found that people eat about 1.5 grams of NATURAL PESTICIDES per person per day, which is about 10,000 times more than they eat of synthetic residues of pest control products.

Dr Ames has considered himself a leading « contrarian in the hysteria over tiny traces of chemicals that may or may not cause cancer », and has said that « if you have thousands of hypothetical risks that you are supposed to pay attention to, that completely drives out the major risks you should be aware of ».  Dr Ames has ARGUED AGAINST THE PROHIBITION of pest control products that have been shown to be carcinogenic.  He was concerned that overzealous attention to the relatively minor health effects of trace quantities of carcinogens may divert scarce financial resources away from major health risks, and cause public confusion about the relative importance of different hazards.

During his career, Dr Ames has tried to DISPEL THE MANY MYTHS ABOUT THE CAUSES OF CANCER, chief among them that trace chemicals in the environment, such as pesticide residues on food, are a significant cause of cancer.  The main causes of cancer, Dr Ames argues, are life-style factors, ranging from poor diet to smoking and lack of exercise.

According to Dr Ames and Dr Lois Swirsky Gold ( also a Berkeley researcher )  ―  « The idea that there is an epidemic of human cancer caused by synthetic industrial chemicals is NOT SUPPORTED BY EITHER TOXICOLOGY OR EPIDEMIOLOGY.  Though there are some epidemiologic studies that find an association between cancer and low levels of industrial pollutants, the studies DO NOT CORRECT FOR DIET, which is a potentially large confounding factor.  Moreover, the levels of pollutants are low and rarely seem plausible as a causal factor when compared to the background of natural chemicals that are rodent carcinogens. »

Dr Ames has been entered on the list of REAL experts who speak out against the conspiracy to impose reckless and arbitrary prohibition against conventional pest control products.

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