March 28, 2023




NORAHG Responds To Donovan Cavers
and His Attempt To Impose Anti-Pesticide
Prohibition in Kamloops, British Columbia


It is disturbing that Donovan Cavers has attempted to add profit to his vested interests  …  at the expense of the jobs he intends to destroy in the professional lawn care industry.

Cavers is a high-ranking official with Green Party of Canada, with ties to Canadian Cancer Society and Pesticide Free BC  …  all three are Anti-Pesticide Organizations that impose life-style choices by using fraud and conspiracy in order to create a so-called healthy society.

Cavers also comes from a family of prominent career activists with Green Party of Canada.

He has been known to impose his life-style choices, even with students, when he opposed balanced information in the school curriculum on so-called global warming, a theory that is now debunked.

Now, as an elected government official with the city of Kamloops, he continues to impose his life-style choices, as well as add profit to his vested interests, by conspiring to prohibit pest control products.

In other jurisdictions, anti-pesticide prohibition has annihilated the professional lawn care industry.

Fortunately, Cavers has no support within city council, and no significant support within the community.

Cavers has also expressed mock-concern about public health  ―

I think that we as a council [ with the city of Kamloops ]  …  have the ability to make sure that everyone across the province has a really good [ anti-pesticide ] by-law and, therefore, have their health protected.    [ ?!?! ]

In fact, Cavers has already been granted his wish  …  according to Dr. Leonard Ritter, the nation’s leading expert in the field of toxicology and pesticide safety, Health Canada is a good system that is very thorough before it approves any pest control products.

According to Dr. Ritter  ―

There are lots of unqualified people out there trying to undermine the efforts of the PMRA [ Health Canada ].

Moreover, Donovan Cavers is part of an infinitely small number of residents who say « no » to the use of pest control products.

A recent poll conducted by Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association ( CCSPA ) showed that the vast majority of residents are opposed to the prohibition of conventional pest control products, and they actually favour the continued use of these products around their homes and in public green spaces.

Not surprisingly, Cavers has never conducted a serious scientific study on pest control products  …  evidently because he is not competent or motivated to do so.

Let’s keep in mind that Cavers operates an organic food business that would clearly profit from anti-pesticide prohibition.

Nonetheless, Cavers could not even be bothered to have used the extensive toxicology database that is available from both Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada.

Cavers prefers to attempt profiting from anti-pesticide prohibition, at the expense of the professional lawn care industry.

And he is not only scientifically ignorant, but also lazy and obtuse.



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