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William H. Gathercole – Celebrity Status “Won The Day” – BC Legislature Bill Bennett – Pesticide Fearmongering

From: Bill Wells

Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 09:15 AM

To: Bennett, Bill

CC: Mungall, Michelle

Subject: Re: Fw: Not going to ban cosmetic pesticides . . .

Dear Mr. Bennett,

I have read your report. I don't know what dog you refer to. I try to teach my old dog the new trick of staying off lawns where somebody has sprayed a bunch of herbicides, as many labels actually do suggest. As for me, I'm learning new tricks every day. One is to be evermore cautious and vigilant of snake oil sales departments.

The majority's finding that they rely on the PMRA's "impressive" scientific scrutiny would be fine if the PMRA was free from excessive influence by the ag chemical industry, had it's own independent scientists working in independent laboratories, and if the Harper government weren't busily reducing funding for a wide range of scientific inquiry and environmental protections.

But it looks like you and the likes of MR. WILLIAM GATHERCOLE and his friends have won the day. Most of my acquaintances and professional colleagues hope this is only a temporary victory for you.

Bill Wells, Kaslo, B.C.

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