Lunatic Ontario BeeKeepers want More Toxic Drifting Pesticides vs Seed Treatments | OrganoPhosphates, Pyrethroids and Neonicotinoids

OBA MisInformation

Wow these Bee Keepers need to be restricted from using Pesticides in the Hives. 

They cannot comprehend reading instructions on a pesticide label let alone contemplate Bee Health.

Minute quantities of Seed Treated Neonics are Useless on Non Target Pests, but Repeated Folliar Applications of The Exact Same Product or even More Toxic Products are better for the Bees, Farmers and the Environment?

Humans Reducing Exposure to Pesticides flies in the face of reasoning when dealing with Misinformed Organic Lunatics.  Repeated applications especially Organic Pesticides can consist of weekly or biweekly visits, spraying plants 6-12 times a season or more.  Seed Treatment removes Applicator Exposure Risk Dramatically.

We are guessing OBA Media Relations missed the part where the EPA says:

Furthermore, neonicotinoid seed treatments as currently applied are only bioactive in soybean foliage for a period within the first 3-4 weeks of planting, which does not overlap with typical periods of activity for some target pests of concern. 

So much for their legal challenge and claims of Neonicotinoids poisoning the bees through the Soy Bean plant itself.  (Bees feed on 3-4 week old immature plants? Slowest growing plant till maturity)

Time to include Bees in the Animal Cruelty Act, these BeeKeepers should be held accountable for mass slaughtering of their bees due to negligent acts like Starvation, Mite Control  and Improper Hive Pesticide Usage.  3% of Bee Deaths caused by Fugitive NitroGuanidine Seed Dust in 2013 is not the real issue BeeKeepers purport.

Ontario Bee Keepers Association Members are not part of the Solution, they are part of the Problem.

Permit Systems and Licencing should be put into place to ensure Health Canada Approved Pesticides are being used properly by Ontario Beekeepers.

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