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Legal Aid for Environmental Activism.  Lets put a stop to this nonsense.  Can we not make a criteria that requires real facts for these NoProfit Legal Firms to collect Government Funding from PEI Residents to restrict Health Canada Approved Products?  Not Cancer Society Facts, Not Sierrra Club Facts.  Definately not Sharon Labchuk Facts. 

Lunatics using Federal Funding to continue to ban Federally Approved pesticides farmers use on their crops in PEI. Doesn't that sound so weird?

Jamie Simpson and ECEL makes money from this deal.  The Farmers, Golf Courses and Lawn Care Industry go out of business.

Jamie even goes so far to say that this ban could be based on Health Reasons and then references Hudson Quebec.

Yet Hudson Quebec has agreed that 2,4-D is perfectly safe after creating a Pesticide Ban for Health Reasons.  Nobody has challenged Quebec since then, but the outcome is obvious.  Who will pay for the Challenge a small business operator?  A chemical company?  A golf Club?

We need an Environmental Law Firm that stands up for the right to use HEALTH CANADA APPROVED PESTICIDES.  

An Environmental Law Firm that will show the way these Activist Lawyers squander government money in order to make a profit.  Creating ficticious Health and Environmental concerns. Belittle the Scientific Community. 

An Environmental Law Firn that fights for the right to use Health Canada Approved Pesticides, Pays for Legal Expenses and Fights to REVERSE or STOP bad decisions made by Provinces like Quebec's Cosmetic Pesticide Ban based on MisInformation.  What an easy court case that would be.  Money to be made by an Anti Environmental Lawyer with access to Non Profit Funding from the Trillum Foundation and others…

The West Coast Environmental Law Firm squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars in the recent Josette Wier Case Regarding Glyphosate, all the human health documentation that was brought forward by Andrew Gage was thrown out of court for being non factual.  The same Literature that Jamie Simpson and PEI Activists will use as their proof that pesticides are dangerous.  Are they that ignorant to think these bogus studies will be credible the second time around in court?

"At the hearing before the Court, counsel [West Coast Environmental Law] for the applicant conceded that the evidence does not demonstrate a "health risk" to humans or animals from the pesticide in issue. Accordingly, that part of the applicant's request was withdrawn."

Lets stop this wasteless spending of our tax money and put a stop to funding these Environmental Lawyers and their Legal Aid Clients.

Cosmetic Pesticides


photo.JPGCosmetic pesticides continue to be a contentious issue here on PEI, four years after the PEI government brought in province-wide cosmetic pesticide ban.

There was a protest just a few weeks ago on the Province House lawn from a group calling for a more comprehensive ban.

Jamie Simpson is executive director of the East Coast Environmental Law association.

Kerry Campbell spoke with him