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Guelph Company Fined $4,000 For Pesticide Violations


Ministry of the Environment

Guelph – A Guelph company was fined $4,000, plus a suspended sentence for performing an extermination, contrary to the Pesticides Act. The owner of the company was convicted of the same two offences and received a suspended sentence.

Anthony G. Giammichele is the owner of Big Green Property Services Ltd., a maintenance company operating in both Guelph and Hamilton.

A provincial officer of the ministry noticed an individual carrying a backpack sprayer in the grassy area beside a store in Guelph. The individual then loaded the equipment into a pick-up truck marked Big Green Property Services Ltd. and departed. The officer made note of the vehicle and forwarded the details to the Regional Pesticide Specialist for information.

The officer noticed the same truck and person spraying a lawn of a store in the parking lot area of the same plaza. The officer approached the person and discovered that they were not licensed. It was revealed that the individual was using a Par III Class 4 pesticide on land contrary to the Act and also had the pesticide Roundup Transorb in the back of his truck. These Class 4 pesticides are banned for use on land for cosmetic purposes in Ontario.

The company was fined $4,000, plus a victim fine surcharge of $1,000 and given a suspended sentence. It was given 12 months to pay the fine. Mr. Giammichele was also given a suspended sentence.

Newsroom : Guelph Company Fined $4,000 For Pesticide Violations.