Dog Runs Away from PEI Pesticide Activist Owners onto CFIA Property| Listen to Maureen Kerr pretend the dog was Leashed

Seems like a Leash Free Area as no dogs are leashed.  This dog is never pictured with a leash or collar but they will insist dog had a leash on.   A retractable leash that would have been dangling off the dogs neck for 15 days?

Maureen Kerr is gifted at creative thinking, especially when it comes to Health Canada Approved Cosmetic Pesticide Dangers.

Wasted Resources and Energy because a leash was not used.  

Do you think she was casing out the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Property for an upcoming Protest ?  

Did the dog eat Genetically Modified Corn to survive the nights.

PEI couple reunited with dog missing 15 days in Ottawa

By Meghan Hurley, Ottawa Citizen December 2, 2013


PEI couple reunited with dog missing 15 days in Ottawa

Zoey the husky mix is lost no more. Owners Dave Glennie and Maureen Kerr say the dog was found Monday.-

OTTAWA — For 15 days, Zoey the one-year-old husky mix managed to evade coyotes and her owners after she got loose near the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Nepean property.

Zoey’s adventure in the wild ended on Monday around noon when she turned up, let out a bark and ran right to her owner.

Zoey’s owners, Dave Glennie and his fiancée, Maureen Kerr, live on Prince Edward Island, but they were in Ottawa looking for work and visiting family.

They instead spent most of their vacation searching for Zoey, who became frightened and bolted when she was out for a walk on Nov. 18.

The couple had already been searching for hours on Monday when the elusive dog surfaced around noon and trotted over to Kerr, who sat on a mat on the snow-covered ground.

In an emotional reunion, Kerr hugged the 35-pound dog before she picked her up and carried her to a vehicle.

“She picked her up like a baby and carried her right out,” Glennie said. “There was no letting go, that’s for sure.”

> Why Not put a Leash on the Dog? <

With the help of a Facebook page set up for the search, the couple received a groundswell of public support.

The owner of a sniffing hound drove more than three hours to Ottawa from Trois-Rivières to help in the search for the missing pup. The hound picked up Zoey’s scent from a carpet she lies on to track her down.

“There was an incredible amount of people that seemed to be interested in this and came out to help,” Glennie said. “That was the thing that floored us.”

Complete strangers helped to search for Zoey, including one who thought he spotted the dog running around the government property last week.

That gave the couple hope that Zoey was still alive and had managed to evade the coyotes that often roam the property along Greenbank and Cedarview roads.

The couple’s hopes grew over the weekend when a volunteer peering through binoculars saw the dog’s tags and was almost certain it was her.

The couple received several false sightings over the past 15 days, likely because coyotes look similar to Zoey from far away, Glennie said.

Still, the couple followed animal tracks in the snow in case they led to Zoey.

On Sunday, the search crew managed to get close enough to Zoey to surround her, but she ran around them.

“She’s wily and fast and smart, it looks like,” Glennie said. “That’s how she managed to elude all of the coyotes, too, guess.”

The long search for Zoey ended on Monday when Kerr managed to catch her.

Glennie said Zoey wasn’t in terrible shape when they found her.

Zoey emerged from her adventure in the wilderness a little thinner, hungry and full of burrs, but she didn’t seem traumatized by her ordeal.

She had an abundance of water to drink from a stream that runs through the property and down into the Arlington Woods.

Zoey likely ate from corn stalks on the property and evaded the coyotes that are known to frequent the area.

“Little Zoey survived all of that,” Glennie said.

The couple planned to head back to PEI in the coming days with Zoey in her usual spot curled up on the floor of their vehicle by Kerr’s feet.