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A common theme with Ontario Master Gardeners, MisInformed and Ignorant about Pesticides

The same people who Promote Illegal Usage of the Pesticide NEEM OIL and Home Made Remedies (Not approved by Health Canada) speak publically about the Dangers of Health Canada Approved Pesticides like Glyphosate / Roundup

The only proof of cancer Ms Rogers has provided is that she may very well have Cancer of The MOUTH.

FYI: Vinegar does not have a systemic mode of action.  It burns the top of the plant and leaves the roots intact.  Very Dangerous on your skin and poor performance on eliminating weeds.  Regrowth occurs. (Was this not on the Master Gardeners Test???)

The Gardener’s Corner: the perils of Roundup

August 21, 2013  

Roundup is the trade name for a product that contains glyphosate, there are other name brands too but this one is widely known. It is a systemic, non-selective herbicide used on food and non-food crops as well as areas where total vegetation is to be controlled. Applied at lower rates it acts as a plant growth regulator.

Roundup is traditionally used on broadleaf weeds and grasses found in hay fields, pastures, corn and soybean crops and is the most widely used pesticide by volume in the US.

When glyphosate is sprayed on soil it is absorbed and remains in the upper soil layers to biodegrade after about 60 days.  However, in field studies, residue was found on foliage and litter the following year. Much of our produce comes from countries that use glyphosate and it is likely this chemical is still on the foods by the time it reaches us. And, it doesn’t just affect crops; workers and homeowners are exposed to glyphosate by inhalation or dermal contact from mixing, spraying or cleaning up with it.

In a report as recent as July 2013, Roundup has been proven to affect digestive issues, obesity, liver and other diseases as well as cancer. (

Through accidental spraying, spray drift or run off into water systems it reportedly dissipates fairly quickly from absorption and biodegradation yet studies have shown a sharp increase in glyphosate contamination of streams in the midwestern US. Test ponds sprayed with Roundup killed frog and toad tadpoles and caused morphological changes in juveniles, deformities affecting their quality of life.

Many people were disappointed when the pesticide/herbicide ban was imposed in Ontario and lawns full of weeds and dandelions are some of the results from it. People are bringing Roundup in from the US illegally and we can only hope they are using it responsibly. Granted, the vegetation killer available to us now is not near as powerful but if we all could live with a few weeds and lawns that are not going to be perfect any more, I’m sure we’d be doing what is best for ourselves and future generations.

So, what is an alternative?  Full strength 5% vinegar plus a tablespoon or two of dish soap. Spray this on weeds and wait overnight, they should be brown by the next morning.  Apply again if you see any regrowth.  A tablespoon per gallon of plain table salt can be added to the solution for those really hard to kill weeds. And as a last resort, horticultural strength vinegar can be purchased but be very careful and wear protective equipment to protect your eyes, nose and skin. Like Roundup, vinegar is systemic and is going to affect anything it touches, including your perennials that may be beside what you’re spraying. [Illegal Recommendations]

Is it any wonder organic food is so important today and home vegetable gardening is making a big comeback?

By Judith Rogers

via The Gardener’s Corner: the perils of Roundup | InnisfilScope.

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  1. WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G August 27, 2013 8:38 pm



    Home-made pest control concoctions and recommendations violate federal law !   Rogers recommends vinegar and dish soap, which contravenes the Pest Control Products Act.  The fact that Rogers is associated with the I-Can-Garden blog site makes this violation even more distressing. Additionally, vinegar and dish soap is not valid, not effective, not legal, not economical, and not safer as an alternatives to registered-conventional pest control products.  Virtually all such alternatives are bogus.   Home-made pest control concoctions are bogus and illegal.  It is a violation of federal law to recommend or sell products for controlling pests that are not registered under the federal law.  If someone recommends or sells material with the claim that it controls pests, it technically becomes a pest control product.  Such a claim, in either verbal or written form, regarding an unregistered product becomes technically a violation of federal law.  The illegal recommendation to use home-made pest control concoctions as a means of controlling pest invasion is in violation of federal law.  Preparing, storing, and using unregistered home-made pest control concoctions can pose risks to health and environment.  These pest control concoctions and recommendations are bogus, and are not scientifically tested.  Most are not valid and effective.  These pest control concoctions and recommendations are written by anonymous or non-expert authors.  These pest control concoctions and recommendations are not subject to stringent, science-based evaluations, and are not supported by scientific research and documentation.  This is regardless of whether the product is mere vinegar or dish soap.  Rogers is expected to retract her comments, and have her recommendations removed from her blog.  The public is directed to complain about Rogers the appropriate COMPLAINT CHANNELS.  Complain !  Complain !  Complain !  WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G 







    For more information, go to the following report  …


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