Many of us know that exercising to maintain a healthy body weight is one of the key ways we can reduce our risk of cancer. But did you ever consider that exercising your right to vote could reduce your risk of cancer?

We know that about half of all cancers are preventable and the Society believes that healthy public policy can help to create a healthier future for BC. That’s why we’ve asked all MLA candidates to support an investment in cancer prevention by:

  • Amending the Tobacco Control Regulation to support smoke-free outdoor patios of bars and restaurants, as well as beaches, parks and playgrounds; and,
  • Implementing strong legislation that would ban the use, retail display and sale of cosmetic pesticides in British Columbia.

We’ve been out and about across BC talking to our communities, tweeting at candidates, asking questions at town hall meetings, collecting nearly 1000 petition signatures and meeting with over 100 election candidates about our election priorities. Two parties have committed to bringing in cosmetic pesticide legislation in their party platforms.

Advocacy in action



Advocacy in action




It’s not too late for you to get involved. Email all party leaders in support of our cancer prevention policies.

 On May 14, change up your exercise routine and do your part in cancer prevention by exercising your right to vote.

Contributed  by Christina Beck, Coordinator, Health Promotion