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City should not clamp down on use of pesticides


Scott Johnston


A report that a council committee is scheduled to debate next week spells out several reasons why the city should resist putting place a ban against pesticides. Councillor Karen Leibovici asked for the report, and doesn't agree with its conclusions, even when others on city council say we're already seeing a spread of thistle because city spraying programs have been cut back in recent years.

"If that was an issue even with the pesticides bans you're able to generally utilize the appropriate application in order to stop noxious weeds and that just makes common sense that you're going to do that this doesn't mean your going to let noxious weeds run rampant throughout the city."

The report says pesticide bans are difficult to enforce, can add millions to the cost of park maintenance, allow green natural spaces to deteriorate and doesn't seem to lead to ill health effects.

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